Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another month has come and gone in the our little house....and considering I can't leave the house most of the time because of the HUGE snow drift in front of the door--I figured it was time for an update.
I'm being sarcastic about a huge drift, however, it stills continues to snow CONSTANTLY here in Utah. Its a bit ridiculous. If I were smart enough to find it; I would look for the stats for the snow fall here in Lehi within the past 2 months...but I'm not that computer savy. If any of you feel so inclined, feel free to look it up and be amazed. The only other people I sympathize with are those of you in Durango who have had eleventy billion inches like us. Riley is capricious. That is the only word I can find suitable as a discription. She is completly unpredictable and in her own little world. I find that I am constantly baffled by her little outbursts or random comments. She is without a doubt, hysterical.
She is still continuing to enjoy Kindergarten. However--every morning she wakes up with a different ailment and excuses as to why she can't go to school that particular day. Once we get ready and go, she is excited.
Riley has discovered the thrill of computers and using them. Thanks to her cousin Jack, her new favorite thing to do is play on However, she refers to it as her ".com" "Mom, can you please get my .com for me?" or "Hey, what happened to my .com?" She's completly hooked--maybe she can look up the snow fall in Lehi for me now that she's so computer savy.
All in all, Riley is still the creative little wonder she has always been. It amazes me how much imagination and spirit one itty bitty can have. She's a good one.

Berns is a busy busy boy at work. He's officially an old business man...I only say this because he came home carrying his briefcase and handing me his new business card his company just had made for him....Seriously...he's old. But the BIGGGGGEST news is that Berns just recieved his green card in the mail a couple days ago!!!! We filed for it back in June. It has been quite the tedious process and, truthfully, quite a pain in the bum. But after what seemed like millions of dollars (ok, well, that could be an over by just a bit) and months of uncertainy; its such a relief to see that small little plastic card come in the mail.
Berns was also assigned to be incharge of the 11 year old Boy Scouts. So, between his crazy work schedule and his teaching of the scouts, Berns and I have found time to get addicted to the show 24. We are on the 2nd Season and have found that we stay up and watch it too late knowing that we wont be getting enough sleep. It's quite instense. Berns walks around pretending to be Jack Bauer--it's getting a little out of hand...we might need an intervention.

I am still truckin along with the pregnancy. You won't find any new pictures of me posted due to the fact that I am now too large to fit within the camera lens. I have begun the count down til Zoie arrives. We are looking at 11 weeks left! Which, yes, is not very much...but I still find it quite a long time. The doctor assures me that I am gaining weight just great and that she is as healthy as can be. I finally had to throw in the towel and buy actual maternity clothes. Up until now I was getting away with wearing normal things (stretching them to their limits)--but my shirts looked as though they were about to burst at the seams, so I figured that method wouldn't work anymore. I haven't really had any particular cravings this pregnancy--HOWEVER, just this last week cold cereal has been all I want to consume. And I dont usually like cold cereal. I have had Lucky Charms every night for dinner for the past 3 nights. They are soooo good. I am currently craving Kix, and I think I might need to make a special trip to the store just for them.

Life is simple and happy for us. We miss everyone in Durango and even find ourselves reading the Durango Herald to check on the local news--but we are loving our new life here in Utah. We are attempting to process what life will be like with another itty bitty living here shortly. Riley is convinced that she will be able to do everything for the baby by herself (except change diapers, she is leaving that up to Berns). I'm trying to ignore the fact that I have to actually go through labor again (hoping that it isnt as aweful as last time) and Berns is still trying to grasp the concept that there is an actual little person inside my stomach.

Feel free to call, write, or just come over. We love hearing from any and all.....Until next month-ish. We love you!