Monday, May 31, 2010

Cuz that's what grandma's least this one....

Britt and I went to the store for literally...15-20 minutes and left G-ma Nisey at home with the kids. By the time we returned this is what we found:

Just to clarify--that is my kitchen table above their heads. They had built an extravagant fort and were having a tea party under the table.
Britt and I forgot that leaving grandma with the kids meant that their would be no adult supervision...

Continuing the Celebration

What do you do when you run out of time while partying one day? You just keep going another day.
Little miss Zoie got to take an extra day to party for her birthday. Saturday afternoon we combined Zo's favorite things-water, fruit, and animals.
We invited some friends over for a pool party (although the water was most of us adults watched from the nice warm cement.) Then we came back to the house to eat the cake I was cute--equipped with little animals I attempted to mold out of fondant....but maybe not the best tasting. It's ok--children don't seem to notice when cake isn't good. And of course some delicious fresh summer fruit. Zoie is a fruit monster and would eat apples and watermelon all day if I let her.

It's definitely been 2 of the best years having little Zoie around. She brings so much fun and spunk to our family.
We love you stop growing.

Growing Itty Bitty

Although I would be certainly content having my kiddos stay little forever, I suppose if they HAVE to get older we might as well celebrate while doing so.
Zozo's birthday fell on a Thursday this year--which is the busiest day in our household. I teach 4 hours, Berns teaches scouts, and Riley has her after school activities. But being that the little peanut deserves all the fun a little one can take, we squeezed in a few activites.

Zo woke up with a delicious birthday breakfast of Belgium waffles with strawberries and [real] whipped cream. She was content just liking the mixing bowl full of whipped was I.
Her and I then went out for some girlie shopping...after all, this girl loves shoes. She spent a good 20 minutes in the shoe section trying on all the shoes she could possibly get her feet on. Good girl.
And of course what is a birthday without a cupcake overloaded with frosting at 10:30 in the morning?
We enjoyed the park that afternoon and the whole family went out for dinner later that night after all the teaching and shenanigans were over.
By the time we got home the girls had fallen asleep in the car, so there was no time for cake and presents...soooooooo I guess we would just have to extend the birthday into another day. Darn...

My precious 2 year old. I just wanna squeeze her.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Room With a View

Day 2 San Francisco started out by cruising down to the beach. We chose China Beach this day as it's right next to Brady and Taisja's house. We had to drive through the utmost cutest neighborhood in the world to get there. I tell you what...if I had an extra eleventy billion dollars I would buy one of those houses in an instant. The view that these people must get of the ocean and golden gate must be awe inspiring.

REGARDLESS...the weather was fantastic, so we all took a stroll on the beach. We climbed on rocks, Berns pranced and frolicked, and we all enjoyed a little warm sand in our toesies. We will stop holding a grudge against Brady for leading us into a large wave getting all of our pants wet at the's ok Brady...we forgive you...I think Berns' socks are finally dry.

Enjoy the I said...more to come...and then some more.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wearin Flowers in our Hair

So many many moons ago (ok, only last Christmas) I gave Berns tickets to go to San Francisco for a few days without the kiddos. Those of you that have kids know what a treat this is!
Well, 5 months in the waiting, we finally boarded the plane for a weekend of no naps, no dirty diapers, and no need to be back to the house for bed time.
Our most amazing high school friend Pam flew in from L.A. to babysit the girls for a few days.
Being that I am a picture guru...the next few posts will be about our shenanigans and whereabouts in San Fran...if you only read to see super cute pictures of my mine as well skip ahead.

Day 1:
Berns loves law. Anything that has to do with crime, criminals, and the justice and stories that go with them make Berns intrigued. So, I figured what better place to explore in San Fran than the island of Alcatraz. We hitched a ride on the ferry and spent the majority of the day there.
It was intense. The audio tour with interviews from actual prisoners made the prison super creepy. It was definitely worth the pretty penny you pay for the tour. I think Berns would have gone home happy just seeing that :) (10 points for wifey Shea)

View of San Fran from the island.

Berns awaiting a visitor. He's been a lonely lonely prisoner.

A couple of crazies we found locked away....

After we decided 3 hours on the island was enough (more so cause the wifey was getting super hungry) we decided to take the ferry back and take a stroll down Fisherman's Warf.'s practically the cutest thing ever. I tried to take pictures, but it didn't do it a bit of justice--so I suppose you'll just have to go visit it yourself. We enjoyed some shopping, some yummy sandwiches, and some crazy street performers. The sunbathing sea lions were pretty darn awesome too.

We then decided to meet up with our buds that we were staying with. Brady and Taisja. Brady and Berns are each other's "shadow"....they are good good buds, so it was nice to get away to see them for a bit. We meant to take a bus to China Town to meet up with them--but ended up walking. Me and my large prego belly received enough exercise to last me the remainder of this pregnancy...geez louise.

That's right--I bought a corny tourist San Fran sweatshirt....(it was goober tshirt wasnt cutting it....)

Ending the day with "hole-in-the-wall" Chinese food is pretty superb....So this is where our weekend story ends....for now....

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Really Huggies?'re serious? Oh geez.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Do.

Reason for going to Brasil? Berns' brother was getting married! (Finally Felipe, finally).
I've said it probably too many times before, but Brasilian weddings are uber fancy. This was nothing short of that. Very elegant and lovely. Riley and Zoie got to be flower girls and were adorned in super cute custom made dresses. I was draped with something that accentuated my baby belly a little too well. And my lovely husband decided to strut his stuff with long flowing locks (He hadn't gotten a haircut since was now April...come on now....) It's a good thing the bride was exceptionally ravishing.
We shall let the pictures speak for themselves: Enjoy...there's eleventy thousand of them.