Monday, May 24, 2010

Wearin Flowers in our Hair

So many many moons ago (ok, only last Christmas) I gave Berns tickets to go to San Francisco for a few days without the kiddos. Those of you that have kids know what a treat this is!
Well, 5 months in the waiting, we finally boarded the plane for a weekend of no naps, no dirty diapers, and no need to be back to the house for bed time.
Our most amazing high school friend Pam flew in from L.A. to babysit the girls for a few days.
Being that I am a picture guru...the next few posts will be about our shenanigans and whereabouts in San Fran...if you only read to see super cute pictures of my mine as well skip ahead.

Day 1:
Berns loves law. Anything that has to do with crime, criminals, and the justice and stories that go with them make Berns intrigued. So, I figured what better place to explore in San Fran than the island of Alcatraz. We hitched a ride on the ferry and spent the majority of the day there.
It was intense. The audio tour with interviews from actual prisoners made the prison super creepy. It was definitely worth the pretty penny you pay for the tour. I think Berns would have gone home happy just seeing that :) (10 points for wifey Shea)

View of San Fran from the island.

Berns awaiting a visitor. He's been a lonely lonely prisoner.

A couple of crazies we found locked away....

After we decided 3 hours on the island was enough (more so cause the wifey was getting super hungry) we decided to take the ferry back and take a stroll down Fisherman's Warf.'s practically the cutest thing ever. I tried to take pictures, but it didn't do it a bit of justice--so I suppose you'll just have to go visit it yourself. We enjoyed some shopping, some yummy sandwiches, and some crazy street performers. The sunbathing sea lions were pretty darn awesome too.

We then decided to meet up with our buds that we were staying with. Brady and Taisja. Brady and Berns are each other's "shadow"....they are good good buds, so it was nice to get away to see them for a bit. We meant to take a bus to China Town to meet up with them--but ended up walking. Me and my large prego belly received enough exercise to last me the remainder of this pregnancy...geez louise.

That's right--I bought a corny tourist San Fran sweatshirt....(it was goober tshirt wasnt cutting it....)

Ending the day with "hole-in-the-wall" Chinese food is pretty superb....So this is where our weekend story ends....for now....


Lindsey said...

Fun times. I love the wedding pictures too.

Kara said...

How fun! I want a weekend away so bad! San Fran is perfect and such a fun city to visit. Glad you had a fun time.
The pictures from the wedding are good too. I love the girls' dresses and I didn't realize you were going to Felipe's wedding! He looks so different than he did as a Freshman in high school! He cleans up good!

Rebecca and Nick said...

I love San Fran also! Glad you got to experience Alcatraz. Very cool place! Maybe someday I can take a trip without kids. Lucky you!

Travis said...

Shea! I can't believe we were in San Francisco at the same time and didn't get to see each other!!! Makes me sad.... Did you see the giant white tent that was in the park across from the Ferry Building downtown?? The Peter Pan show?? I was working on that show.... anyway, the point of the story is, I miss you!

Merrit said...

I vote that Atlanta is the next city you visit:) But you can bring your kids. I love them.