Monday, May 31, 2010

Growing Itty Bitty

Although I would be certainly content having my kiddos stay little forever, I suppose if they HAVE to get older we might as well celebrate while doing so.
Zozo's birthday fell on a Thursday this year--which is the busiest day in our household. I teach 4 hours, Berns teaches scouts, and Riley has her after school activities. But being that the little peanut deserves all the fun a little one can take, we squeezed in a few activites.

Zo woke up with a delicious birthday breakfast of Belgium waffles with strawberries and [real] whipped cream. She was content just liking the mixing bowl full of whipped was I.
Her and I then went out for some girlie shopping...after all, this girl loves shoes. She spent a good 20 minutes in the shoe section trying on all the shoes she could possibly get her feet on. Good girl.
And of course what is a birthday without a cupcake overloaded with frosting at 10:30 in the morning?
We enjoyed the park that afternoon and the whole family went out for dinner later that night after all the teaching and shenanigans were over.
By the time we got home the girls had fallen asleep in the car, so there was no time for cake and presents...soooooooo I guess we would just have to extend the birthday into another day. Darn...

My precious 2 year old. I just wanna squeeze her.


lissalynn said...

can i spend my birthday with you next year?

SladeMomma said...

I can surely see why you just want to squeeze her!