Thursday, October 25, 2012

Easter 2012 Part III

In all honesty there are 3 parts of the Easter posting because I take too many pictures :)
Part III takes place in our quaint little park by our house for an easter egg hunt! We invited our good buddies Susie, Niels and Little Claire  and of course Zo's best bud Preston and his family.
Of course I get sad if the kids are sad, so to avoid any hurt feelings we bought each kiddo their own color of egg to find. Berns thought it would be funny to hide Riley's a lot harder than normal since she is so old now. It took about 12 years for her to find all of her eggs....we all laughed the whole time. Poor Ri. 

First egg she found. She was quite proud!

Finding the easier ones. I'm not sure why is is dressed for a Hawaiian luau

I. love. this. kid.

Discovering all the surprises inside.

This describes them--Sweet smart Riley, Crazy quirky Zo, and Off in lala land Bia

My handsome husband and his girlies.

All the ladies.

Easter 2012 part II

After spending the weekend BBQing and enjoying our extended family we spent Easter morning digging through plastic fake grass in our pjs at home.  Easter morning is ALMOST just as fun as Christmas morning (ALMOST...but not quite....) Watching the girls light up over the joy of their individual Easter baskets always gives me warm fuzzies. Even better is they all love their new Easter dresses they get to wear to church! (Maybe that means I don't buy them enough church dresses during the year....) 

The Easter bunny also conviently leaves candy that I really like behind...and of course I have to try it to make sure its not poisonous....

 The Easter goods before the girls woke up and rumaged around.

 Lil Beezer's Basket. The Monkey danced and sang songs. It was super.

Lil Zo's basket

Lil Roo's basket

A closer look at the loot

Little B has gotten to the age where she can enjoy stuff like this--it's so much fun--even with the sleepytime eyes.

A kid after my own heart---she loves Pez.

I'll eat her. Delicious.

Riley+books is like Chocolate+peanutbutter......they just go together.

Best. Happy. Face. Ever.

Crafts and puzzles!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Easter 2012 Part 1

1 Easter dinner is never quite enough. So when given the opportunity to have 2 dinners--you snag it up (especially if it means you don't have to cook).  We spent Saturday before Easter at my aunt and uncle's house in Henderson. My cousins and their kiddos were in town so we had a down right Easter party. The2 itty girls were thrilled about getting more candy filled Easter eggs. Riley was thrilled about getting more deviled eggs, and Berns and I were just thrilled that the girls were thrilled.

Riley really is quite stoked about the egg. I swear. She just is extremely uninterested in having her picture taken by her mother...."Uh mom!"....ya, apparently she is 14.

Little kooky Zo.

We make pretty fantastic bunnies.

Bia liked the baked beans the most--can you tell by the evidence left on her face?

She really let me know that it was not a good idea to take away her beans. Check out that glare...this girl means beansiness...*moohaha--I'm cleaver--play on words*

She did offer to share after I promised not to take them away. I let her keep them..

The evening was full of non tradition Easter dining (a delicious BBQ), treats, egg hunts, and outdoor toys. I'm tempted to just make deviled eggs and baked beans this next's all the girls wanted to eat--that seems easier than some fancy ham. Whose coming?!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A ferocious story

Preschool is only done right when you get to have a day for Dinosaur show-and-tell!
March was Dinosaur month.
This thrilled Preston (the only boy in our little group)

 Preston came EQUIPPED with a picture of somekind of dinodactyl

 and a sa-weet dino shirt. Look how happy this kid was to have a day dedicated to dinosaurs.

 And then there was Zoie. Who was convinced that her bear backpack was a form of primitive friend. Bear=Dinosaur in her mind. Then again she also wears leotards during who knows.

Chelsea brought a dinosaur the same size she is.  

Preston's dinosaur feet. The kids decided they worked better for sliding around the floors than stomping through the forests to attack little dinos.

Zo put the bear down long enough to partake in the transformation of becoming a T-Rex with huge feet.

Preschool age is fantastic. They are the only ones that will let me sing silly songs about dinosaurs while tromping around the house with them--and not think anything of it. I wish I were 3 again.

Dashing Through the Snow

WHOA turbo. Let's back up 2 months for a minute. Remember that one time I posted about happenings in February but totally disregarded our amazingly fun sleigh ride from December?
ya, That was lame of me.
So step in my time machine--we are going back.

Groupon is a lovely little thing. (those of you that don't know what Groupon is--google it). While browsing the super deals it had going one day I came across a sleigh ride! You don't have to be a genius to figure out that it obviously wasn't being offered in Vegas. Those horses aren't too keen on pulling a sleigh through a dirt field. However, there is a little ski area about 45 minutes north of Vegas that gets (or makes) snow.  Since the girls don't get to experience the fun of putting on massive amounts of layers very often we decided to partake the in fun this little voucher had to offer.
ANND being that it was the month of December and I was in dire need of something fun to put on the advent calender--it worked out well.

There was probably as much snow on the ground as there is in Colorado in May--but the girls still thought it was lots of fun and enjoyed riding up front and helping to lead our Clydesdale's.

Good job Vegas for finding a way for everyone to enjoy dashing through the snow--in a one [two] horse open sleigh.
It made our Merry Christmas season that much more special. 

Well these two are adorable.

Helping to steer the sleigh. She was excited.

My cute little winter bug. She looks like she's ready to go carol.

It may look warm...but it was pretty nippy. This is the end when the girls were tired of having nippy noses.

Sun. Is. Bright.

On our way back to town (once we were far from the snow) we stopped to see some wild horses. This one has obviously gotten used to the people traffic that comes through there.

And then there is Zoie.....nuff said.

Straight to the Wild Wild West

Sometimes all of us need to get in touch with our cowboy side. Don't deny you don't have one--everyone does. Living in Vegas doesn't pose many opportunities to "cowboy up".  If you drive about an hour north you can find some wild horses.....OR if you travel down to Freemont street you can take a glance at the Neon Cowboy...OR if you want to pay crazy amounts of money you can get yourself a ticket to the PBR finals that are in Vegas every December. But that's all I had really discovered.

Until now.

Some little birdie whispered to us the secret about a little place not too far from our house called Bonnie Springs. Equipped with a petting zoo, little train, and an entire little old western "town".   Berns and I decided to lace up our boots and take the kiddos there one weekend in February. The girls loved being on the "ranch" and getting to partake of the goodies that come with living back when John Wayne ruled the earth.

The mock little town they created had a little jail, a small chapel, a theater, little shops, an ice cream parlor, grave yard, and lots more. And every so often they would put on a little skit with a bank robbery and a hanging.

Dont lie--ya'll wanna kick up your spurs and go for a trip too.

Oh--and did I mention the awesome wild Donkeys that greeted us on our way home by our car? They wanted some popcorn or something. 

Leo the Lion--a ferocious little beast--Zo trying her best to tame the animal as she rode into the sunset.....

Little Pixie

Riley and her serious western face.

The ones I adore.

Bia found a little "horsey" just her size

The animals started eating Riley.

A little timid at first to feed the creature...but then....

it became the most hilarious thing in the world to do!!

Trying to coax the ducks into coming over to be fed.

Madam Riley

Zoie....who knows....

Bia participating as much as she could

The children got unruley so I locked them up.

Ha! This kid is hilarious.

She is even cute behind bars. She only served 30 seconds of her life sentence because of it.

The girls with the "Outlaw" cast.

Our little donkey friend.