Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A ferocious story

Preschool is only done right when you get to have a day for Dinosaur show-and-tell!
March was Dinosaur month.
This thrilled Preston (the only boy in our little group)

 Preston came EQUIPPED with a picture of somekind of dinodactyl

 and a sa-weet dino shirt. Look how happy this kid was to have a day dedicated to dinosaurs.

 And then there was Zoie. Who was convinced that her bear backpack was a form of primitive friend. Bear=Dinosaur in her mind. Then again she also wears leotards during preschool...so who knows.

Chelsea brought a dinosaur the same size she is.  

Preston's dinosaur feet. The kids decided they worked better for sliding around the floors than stomping through the forests to attack little dinos.

Zo put the bear down long enough to partake in the transformation of becoming a T-Rex with huge feet.

Preschool age is fantastic. They are the only ones that will let me sing silly songs about dinosaurs while tromping around the house with them--and not think anything of it. I wish I were 3 again.

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