Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Straight to the Wild Wild West

Sometimes all of us need to get in touch with our cowboy side. Don't deny you don't have one--everyone does. Living in Vegas doesn't pose many opportunities to "cowboy up".  If you drive about an hour north you can find some wild horses.....OR if you travel down to Freemont street you can take a glance at the Neon Cowboy...OR if you want to pay crazy amounts of money you can get yourself a ticket to the PBR finals that are in Vegas every December. But that's all I had really discovered.

Until now.

Some little birdie whispered to us the secret about a little place not too far from our house called Bonnie Springs. Equipped with a petting zoo, little train, and an entire little old western "town".   Berns and I decided to lace up our boots and take the kiddos there one weekend in February. The girls loved being on the "ranch" and getting to partake of the goodies that come with living back when John Wayne ruled the earth.

The mock little town they created had a little jail, a small chapel, a theater, little shops, an ice cream parlor, grave yard, and lots more. And every so often they would put on a little skit with a bank robbery and a hanging.

Dont lie--ya'll wanna kick up your spurs and go for a trip too.

Oh--and did I mention the awesome wild Donkeys that greeted us on our way home by our car? They wanted some popcorn or something. 

Leo the Lion--a ferocious little beast--Zo trying her best to tame the animal as she rode into the sunset.....

Little Pixie

Riley and her serious western face.

The ones I adore.

Bia found a little "horsey" just her size

The animals started eating Riley.

A little timid at first to feed the creature...but then....

it became the most hilarious thing in the world to do!!

Trying to coax the ducks into coming over to be fed.

Madam Riley

Zoie....who knows....

Bia participating as much as she could

The children got unruley so I locked them up.

Ha! This kid is hilarious.

She is even cute behind bars. She only served 30 seconds of her life sentence because of it.

The girls with the "Outlaw" cast.

Our little donkey friend.

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