Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lil Pixie

Beezer, B-Rex, B, Chub Chubs, Bia Tortilla, Beezer Sneezer, Bia Bird, or Baby Bia.

We all have a name for this little tike

I don't care what you call her....

I just care that she's mine

and she's so gosh darn amazing.

This little wee one has found her personality and it is quite distinct. She is opinionated for sure. She will let you know how it is. She makes messes....And she giggles--never have I heard a huge belty laugh from this little one--just giggles--lots and lots of giggles.

She melts my heart. I think I will keep her. But you may come and play with her if you would like. 

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