Sunday, September 27, 2009

True Blue Brasilian Bambino

It's official and it will make you Brasilian relatives soooooooo proud.
I have tried time and time again to feed Zoie the all american, traditional, cant-go-wrong, PB&J....only to have her feed it to the dogs....

But as soon as I bust out the traditional, cant-go-wrong, all Brasilian, eat-every-day food; she eats....and eats....and eats...

not only does she look like her father...she eats like him too....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'll have a wedding with a lil Brasil on the side please

In Riley's words, "Brasil is fancy".

Yes, indeed. So when someone throws a wedding, they mean business!! If you havent heard the news yet (so, basically if you have been sleeping for a month or so) we just returned from a fantastic trip to Brasil. While we were there we got to attend Berns' cousins wedding. Shall I elaborate? Yes I shall.

~Ridiculously good food was brought around by servers while delicious guarana was passed out to your hearts content. I just sat and had people bring me the best finger food one can get their hands on.
~ The lovely bride has been taking voice lessons for a year or so and sang her knight a song---cutest thing ever. Job well done Mariana--you're a doll.
~A huge projecting screen showing videos of the couple. It was all in portuguese, so I cant tell you what they said, but I'm sure it was precious.
~Darn good cupcakes. Darn good treats. Darn good dinner.
~The ULTIMATE and #1 reason this wedding was the best:
The foot massager....there at your call and beckon....genius...pure and utter genius.

Riley was sick the whole wedding, so she slept on the chairs. Zoie danced in circles til 1 in the morning (I think there came a point that she just got delusional)....and I got massaged....nuff said...Brasil is fancy....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Riley Aspen Reedy--Our Little Beauty

Where the deer and the antelope play...


Tucked in between some purple mountain's majesty lies a quaint little town full of charm and personality. On any given day you will see a horse parked outside the Diamond Bell Bar and Salon, kayakers weaving in and out on Smelter, "Natives" sceaming against Texans on the slopes, a zuberfizz sitting next to a Serious Taco. Skyhawks cheering on soccer studs, Demons doing the demon beat, and blue grass sounds playing some "mountain music". This is home. It is a place where everybody knows your name. They are always glad you came...(you're singing the song now huh?)
I spent my senior year of high school trying to find a way out--now we dream of ways to get back.

But since there is no permanent fix for us in Durango--we make do with little visits. This time it was for the Fort Lewis Alum game. Never mind the fact the alum lost 7-0...Berns loved seeing his soccer buds, Riley loved being spoiled by grandma, Zoie loved running around the ranch, I loved....home.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Smarty Pants

Spelling words that consists of things like "foundation"

Vocabulary words that consists of things like "perserverance"

Imagination that consists of fairies, pony lands, and happy ever afters.

Style that consists of "things as fancy as Nancy"

Mathmatics that consist of patterns, dimes, nickles, subtraction, and minus signs

Songs that consist of "Bleeding Love", "No Air", "Smooth Criminal"s, and "I'm Yours"

Reading books that consist of 3rd grade levels.

I would have to say that if you add that all up you get my mini genius who just completed 1st grade in August. Riley made it on the straight A Honor Roll--which would thrill any parent--but what thrills me more is Riley's spunk and drive for life. She is one of a kind. As my mother puts it, she is a "magical child".

I look up to my little Ri. She is an inspiration. Good job with your wonderful year at school baby girl...Now someone tell me when I got old enough to have a 2nd grader?



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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Truth of It All....

The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity....

'Nuff said....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beautiful in Brasil

The average US model wears size 00-3 . So if you're a size 3, you would be on the "chunkier" size. PLUS SIZED models where a size 10+ (explain to me how a size 10 is considered "plus" please)...

Everywhere you look around town or in magazines you will find the newest make up promissing age reduction, surgery for lipo, laser, and plastic surgery. Over 1.2 BILLION dollars are spent on liposuction in the United States every year.

I am not a size 00, or a size 1, 2, or 3.
I am known to have a big's pretty widely known. In high school, a fellow classmate told me I had "birthin hips"...

I met my lovely husband my senior year of high school. It has not been until the last 3.5 years however that I have been educated about why he finds me so darn attractive. And I will spill the secret to you now.

Brasil likes NORMAL women. Women who embrace their curves. Women who enjoy having a badonk-ka-donk. You dont see a skinny mini walking around the streets. Instead you find women of every shape and size who walk around in confidence because they know what beauty is.
Brasilian men tend to hate make up. They would much rather look at a lady in her natural skin. They love the curves. They love women with some "junk in the trunk" They love a little meat.

I love coming to Brasil to experience new things and all the culture it has to offer. But what I love the most is how accepting and nonjudgemental everyone is.

Yes, my big butt and my birthin hips are beautiful in Brasil.