Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'll have a wedding with a lil Brasil on the side please

In Riley's words, "Brasil is fancy".

Yes, indeed. So when someone throws a wedding, they mean business!! If you havent heard the news yet (so, basically if you have been sleeping for a month or so) we just returned from a fantastic trip to Brasil. While we were there we got to attend Berns' cousins wedding. Shall I elaborate? Yes I shall.

~Ridiculously good food was brought around by servers while delicious guarana was passed out to your hearts content. I just sat and had people bring me the best finger food one can get their hands on.
~ The lovely bride has been taking voice lessons for a year or so and sang her knight a song---cutest thing ever. Job well done Mariana--you're a doll.
~A huge projecting screen showing videos of the couple. It was all in portuguese, so I cant tell you what they said, but I'm sure it was precious.
~Darn good cupcakes. Darn good treats. Darn good dinner.
~The ULTIMATE and #1 reason this wedding was the best:
The foot massager....there at your call and beckon....genius...pure and utter genius.

Riley was sick the whole wedding, so she slept on the chairs. Zoie danced in circles til 1 in the morning (I think there came a point that she just got delusional)....and I got massaged....nuff said...Brasil is fancy....


Mariana Bicalho said...

Que lindo esse post sobre meu casamento... até arrepiei!!!
The video was about our "fairy tale", we were telling how we met and how things happend with us. Sorry you couldn´t understand, but I hope you have understood the lyrics of the song I´ve song with my poor English!!!
Fiquei feliz demais de ter vcs três lá comigo nesse momento especial!
Um beijão para vcs todos!

SladeMomma said...

Can't imagine having an on-call foot masseuse! But I can imagine all the yummy finger foods and guaraná! Yum-MY!