Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stick It

I figured since Zo is fearless, tiny, and feels no pain; that gymnastics would be the PERFECT sport to start her in. To say that Zoie loves gymnastics would be an understatement. Lil miss Zo loves being the dare devil she is while venturing across the balance beam. She gets a kick out of the trampoline--mainly because it's placed next to a huge mirror and she thinks that she looks silly bouncing up and down.
She also loooooves hanging on the bar like a possum. But her favorite thing is getting to say "ta-da!" after all her tricks.

MY favorite thing is the unitard that comes with the whole experience...let's be honest--seeing her wear that awesome piece of clothing makes EVERYTHING worthwhile.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interior Design

This is my newest kitchen decoration:

Can you not see it good? Lemme zoom in:

I think she looks quite nice sittin upon my counter top. And she loves sitting in her Bumbo. If you would like to come cook cookies while having this lil friend keep you company just let me know.

Every Girl Needs One

I'm a lil obsessed about my girls wearing cute bows in their hair. (Don't worry, my bow to head ratio is reasonable...I'm not one that sticks a sunflower on my infants head.)

Riley is a lil obessed with making things....any thing.

Sooo, when my obession and Riley's obsession combined THIS is what comes of it:

Yes, Riley saw me making some bows for Bia and asked ever so kindly (trying to contain excitement) "Mom, can I make Bia a bow too!!?" So she took the lovely materials I will never use (I'm such a nice mom giving Riley the "junk" I don't like)--and she created this masterpiece for B.
But from the looks on Miss B's face, she enjoys her bow quite a lot. Riley should make it a living. Who wants a Riley bow?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun

Our Rooster turned 8 this year.
*silent pause...deep sigh....drop head and shake it in unbelief.*
When I was 8 I remember my mom and thinking she was super old. So I must seem super old to Riley. I can feel the wrinkles forming as we speak.
But enough about me and my deep dispair.
Because Riley turned 8 she got to have a super huge birthday party. (Eight is Great right?).
She invited 13 friends (all of which where girls besides 1 little boy...poor guy). Ri decided she wanted a Hawaiian luau. She had debated for weeks and weeks. She really wanted to have a cowgirl party--but after much deliberation she decided swimming sounded more fun than riding a horse.
We spent 3 hours swimming, eating pizza, opening presents, pounding on pinatas, and devouring delicious cupcakes.
My family was able to come down and join us for the fun festivities! Hooray for uber amounts of fun with lots of 8 year old girls, 1 8 year old boy, a grandma that acts like she's 8, an odd Zoie, an odder Landon, and a precious Riley.
Here's a picture overload. Enjoy:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Blink of an eye.....

...ok, maybe it wasn't quite THAT quickly. But this is what happens when Zo finds herself alone for 20 seconds with Bia. I ran upstairs, threw something in the laundry room, then came back downstairs... this is what I found. Mind you, this is after I took some off of her eyelids...

Very pretty Zo, thanks for decorating the baby.

This one's for you Vovo Gui: