Friday, May 29, 2009

Field Day??

I'm a bit behind in updating what has actually been going on in the Costa household. The very beginning of May Riley had Field Day. I remember my field days when I was went to elementary school (heck, I even remember the school "song"--Riffenburgh Roadrunners!), I dont know if my memory serves me wrong or if Field Days have just gotten SO MUCH COOLER!

When I was in school we did triple jump, long jump, 100 meter dashes...Riley's field day was filled with dodge ball with water soaked spunges...golfing, relay races that involved goggles, inner tubes, and leis; scooters...and so much more! Now I know she is only in 1st grade, so they have to use these activities to keep kids interested--but it looked so much fun! I wanted to play!

Riley enjoyed the day and felt like quite the hero when she was given a huge high five and pat on the back for completing every event. Good job baby girl!!


Zoie's new thing is sitting...that's right...sitting...and she will do it on your head, or in the pantry.....We just laugh. She turns around, backs up, and takes a plop. We have all been a victim to Zoie's "sitting spree". Just let this be your warning if you plan to come visit...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

All Work and No Play....

What happens when you spend three weeks swimming, playing with friends, and traveling and then have to go back to school AND dance classes all day??

You crash at the dinner table....

Cause that's what you do when you live in Vegas...

Vegas has started to warm up...and by warm I mean it's in the 90's. *I'm sweating thinking about being outside right now*.

And while the inside of my house is a nice, chilling, comfortable environment-as soon as you walk outside it makes you think who in their right mind would build a huge city in the middle of the hottest place ever!

I took myself shopping a few weeks ago and cleared the store of all their summer dresses. Jeans just arent gonna cut it here, and I am NOT a shorts person. Zoie waddles around most of the day in her does Berns. And Riley is immune to the heat because she is a kid; and SOMEHOW it doesnt seem to phase her. (She's insane is the only conclusion I can come up with).

Well, sundresses, diapers, and insanity can only last so long. So, what do you do in the knarley heat? You strip down to a swimsuit and jump in the pool....everyday....all day. The girls LOVE it. Not to mention, something about being in the sun makes you super tired; so after a few hours of swimming, both the girls are pooped for the rest of the day and just want to be quiet and rest.

I'm thinking this aint to shabby of a deal...I think I can handle this crazing thing called heat. Now...if only I looked presentable in a swim suit....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poor Unfortunate Souls...

Mark this day as a sad sad one in history.

Story Time:

About a month ago, my external hard drive went kaput. Berns bought it for me to put all of our pictures, music, this and that's on about a year ago for back up. Not to mention our old schoolo lap top couldnt fit anymore stuff on it. So the fact that the dumb thing crashed really torqued my tickle nut. So, I took the poor thing into the "computer specialist" only to have him tell me that it was a goner....something that I had already diagnosed...thanks genius. He gave me a brochure of a company called Data Savers that most likely could get everything off of it for me. These people are intense. They get data off of things that have sunk in the ocean...with sea weed growing on it...and barnacles.... (ok, i don't really know that, but they are intense).
So I gave the good ol customer service people a ring. I explained what was on it and that I didn't care about anything on there except the pictures and such.

The next part of the story is pretty vague since I practically fainted when he gave me a quote. he told me the most economical and cheapest way to get it would be $1710 buckaroos.... and that's WITH A 10% discount! WHA!!!!!!!!!!!!???

It is a shame I love and need my pictures so much. So the fund raiser begins...I think I shall start off with a bake sale. Those seem to work for the girl scouts. Who wants so buy some fancy cakes from me for the tune of $1700 dollars? Man oh man....

P.S. Any of you who want to give me some "advise" about double backing up or something like that are gonna get hit...I've heard it...3847239874873523 times...I get the point...but really, it doesnt help the situation once I get my precious pictures back, yes, I'll double back up, and triple back up, and then bring it to your house and back it up again...but until then, the bake sale must go on...

Monday, May 18, 2009

You Can Have Your Cake...

....and Zoie's too.

as you all know from the last post, or just cause you are SUPER good at remembering the precious peanut's birthday; Zoie just turned 1. We decided to throw a party full with yummy italian food (cause Zoie loves noodles...and her mama loves bread with olive oil dipping sauce). We ate lots of candy and cake as well. When Riley turned one I made her her very own little cake and something different for everyone else. Since my genius idea worked so well with Ri, I decided to do the same thing with little Zo. Sooooo all the guests enjoyed ice cream cone cupcakes that I tried to construct; and our little lady ate her teddy bear cake (well, a bite or two). Zoie LOOOOOOOOOVES snuggling with stuffed animals of any kind, but she has this grubby old brown bear that she loves the most. So Mr. Bear cake resembles him a bit (ok...let's be honest...its just the same color...I dont know how to make a Grubby looking bear cake.)

We enjoyed the kiddos that came, as well as our friends that so graciously came and entertained the idea of a birthday bash for a 1 year old!

And when all was said and done, Sophie licked the cake out of the blow up pool--you're welcome Sophie, you're welcome.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Little Beauty-- Miss Zo-Zo

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Our little baby girl turned 1 today. It has been a bitter sweet day for me. I look back on all of these pictures and am just in awe on how blessed we are to have this amazing little soul in our lives. The year has gone by WAAAAAAY too fast for me, and I'm a little sad about how fast it went --but every moment has been a sweet pleasant experience. We love you little miss Zo. How wonderful it has been to have you as part of the family. We look forward to many many more years.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day!

So, Shea is always posting her updates on the family and she hardly mentions herself. Well, if you know her, you wouldn't be surprised to learn she's being selfless one more time... But you actually have to be involved with her on a daily basis to actually realize how much she actually does for this family. I don't know many people would put their education and personal desires on hold to be completely dedicated to their children. And that is exactly what Shea does. Every day. I was fortunate enough to see how amazing Shea was as a mother before we even got married, and there was no doubt in my mind that my children would indeed be better than me because of this woman. Honestly, if you only know Shea by these posts, you should make the trip to Vegas to meet this incredible human being!
Honey, thank you for the parent you are. Our kids love you for so many different reasons, but above all, they feel comfortable and safe when you are around because they feel and they know how much you love them! And what else can a father ask for? THANK YOU!!!
Happy Mother's Day!

Mae, e claro que eu deveria tambem aproveitar a oportunidade e dizer o quanto eu tambem te amo. Obrigado por sua dedicacao e atencao. Obrigado por tambem colocar de lado tantas coisas para que nos pudessemos ter tudo do bom e do melhor! Como e bom saber que voce me deu todas as chaves e ferramentas pra me tornar um boa pessoa. Mas tambem que bom e saber que voce me ensinou, sem saber, o tipo de pessoa com quem eu deveria casar. Hoje eu vejo a Shea e me sinto bem, sabendo que ela se dedica as nossa filhas como vc se dedica ao seus filhos! Obrigado por tudo e se puder, por fazer bata mais uma vez no Felipe porque ele merece apanhar!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Hun, While you are at the store could you please pick me up a Justin?"

My ever so talented brother was down for Easter weekend and just sent me some picks he "snapped"...I love that he gets my girls in their truest beauty and personalities. I find no reason to pull out my camera when he is around. Everyone needs a Justin. I suggest you go find one.

(ps, click on the collage and it will make it bigger so you can see the pics up close)
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Counting Sheep

A couple of weeks ago my lovely cousin Merrit and her fiance came down for a visit. Being that Vegas is taking a digger in todays economy; you can find some superb deals on show tickets if you are a local. Merrit and I decided that seeing some kind of Cirque show while they were here was a must. There is a generous amount to choose from, but I had heard good things about Le Reve (which translates to "The Dream"). We left the girls with some lucky lucky friends and ventured to an unknown theatre world...

All I can say, wow. My rambles and rants will not do the show justice. The stage, the talent, the intricate details, the "how in the world did they set that up/do that", the lack of a spine in the A dream it was.

I will save you the wasted time of reading by going into detail. INSTEAD how about you come visit and see for yourself...heck, I'll be nice and even go with