Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cause that's what you do when you live in Vegas...

Vegas has started to warm up...and by warm I mean it's in the 90's. *I'm sweating thinking about being outside right now*.

And while the inside of my house is a nice, chilling, comfortable environment-as soon as you walk outside it makes you think who in their right mind would build a huge city in the middle of the hottest place ever!

I took myself shopping a few weeks ago and cleared the store of all their summer dresses. Jeans just arent gonna cut it here, and I am NOT a shorts person. Zoie waddles around most of the day in her does Berns. And Riley is immune to the heat because she is a kid; and SOMEHOW it doesnt seem to phase her. (She's insane is the only conclusion I can come up with).

Well, sundresses, diapers, and insanity can only last so long. So, what do you do in the knarley heat? You strip down to a swimsuit and jump in the pool....everyday....all day. The girls LOVE it. Not to mention, something about being in the sun makes you super tired; so after a few hours of swimming, both the girls are pooped for the rest of the day and just want to be quiet and rest.

I'm thinking this aint to shabby of a deal...I think I can handle this crazing thing called heat. Now...if only I looked presentable in a swim suit....

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Rebecca and Nick said...

You are so cute! I totally agree with this post. Thanks for being such great pool buddies to invite us so often! We are looking forward to a long hot summer at the pool, too!