Monday, May 18, 2009

You Can Have Your Cake...

....and Zoie's too.

as you all know from the last post, or just cause you are SUPER good at remembering the precious peanut's birthday; Zoie just turned 1. We decided to throw a party full with yummy italian food (cause Zoie loves noodles...and her mama loves bread with olive oil dipping sauce). We ate lots of candy and cake as well. When Riley turned one I made her her very own little cake and something different for everyone else. Since my genius idea worked so well with Ri, I decided to do the same thing with little Zo. Sooooo all the guests enjoyed ice cream cone cupcakes that I tried to construct; and our little lady ate her teddy bear cake (well, a bite or two). Zoie LOOOOOOOOOVES snuggling with stuffed animals of any kind, but she has this grubby old brown bear that she loves the most. So Mr. Bear cake resembles him a bit (ok...let's be honest...its just the same color...I dont know how to make a Grubby looking bear cake.)

We enjoyed the kiddos that came, as well as our friends that so graciously came and entertained the idea of a birthday bash for a 1 year old!

And when all was said and done, Sophie licked the cake out of the blow up pool--you're welcome Sophie, you're welcome.


kira said...

darling cakes! we did those cupcake ice cream cones for one of hunter's birthdays, love them!!!

SladeMomma said...

Pretty little miss! And I enjoy your changing blog design. Not something I take the time for, but it is fun to visit yours.