Saturday, February 28, 2009


Orange you glad I didnt say banana?

Zoie's newest love interest:

"oooooh, they just wanna have fun"

Last Friday Berns and I ventured into the wild and allowed Riley to have 4 girls over for a movie night. OH BUDDY....Riley had been scheming and planning all week and when the time came we had 5 rambunctious 5-6 year old girls screaming over Zac Effron and singing along to the tunes of High School Musical III. All while consuming pizza and ice cream sundaes topped with absurds ammounts of candy. (yes, I am a terrible person and sent all the girls back home on sugar highs at 9 at night).
Berns and I found ourselves watching the movie and groovin along with the music. Friend Susie showed up and all the girls thought she was Sharpay as she entered in a "flashdance" sorta way. (luv ya Suz).
The movie was interupted halfway through when Berns descovered a dead rodant outside and decided to bring it up to the girls to see. That was followed by screechings (poor Berns needs a little boy).

It was a fun night and Riley was so delighted with how her little party planning came out. Maybe we will do it eleventy years :)

Another reason to love life

i {hEaRt} yOu

I am not a fan of Valentine's day....I think it is a rather pointless holiday. The only thing I like about it is once upon a time way back in elementary school I got to make a really cool valentines box and pass out valentines to everyone in the class--dreading the entire time if you are accidently going to stick one in a boys box that said "Be Mine"...

However, there was no box making at this house.Riley was on track break so she didnt have school to attend, and Berns poo-pooed the idea of us sitting around cutting out hearts from construction paper and gluing them to a shoe box (in all honesty, I didnt actually ask if we could do it). Instead I took Riley to a playgroup on Friday activity to eat lots of yummy food, decorate yummy cookies, and make a valentines day bag to put valentines in. Riley loved it, and Zoie enjoyed crawling around trying to eat everything in site.

On actual Valentines day I surprised Berns with a professional massage (his first one EVER--my dad called him a girl for going to get one). While Berns was getting his massage Riley and I went to go get manicures and pedicures. Riley LOVED getting pampered and the little ladies at the nail salon LOVED Riley.
On Tuesday Berns and I actually took our "valentines date" and went to the Melting Pot--which I am convinced is my new favorite restaurant. I need to live there- and consume cheese fondue and chocolate fondue on a daily basis.
It was a lovely night out with just me and my lovely husband.
So yes, valentine's day is lame--but when it gives you an excuse to do so many fun things, I guess I cant find fault in i allowed to go all out on St. Patricks day too? I think so....

Monday, February 16, 2009

If I Was Made Out Of Money....

This is what I would spend it on....This is AMAZING. However, it is $85 a week. Although, Im pretty sure it's worth it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's all the hub bub about?

Most of my rants and ravings lately have focused on things such as cake, ice skating, and vanilla Ice/MC Hammer concerts. I suppose I should take a break from my busy life of cutting out fondant in skates while "bustin' a move" and fill you in on the where abouts and lives of the Costas:

Child #1--Riley Aspen. I have decided the name in and of itself is explanation enough for this little ball of fire. However, let me elaborate. Riley has been out of school for a wee bit for track break. We ventured to Durango for a bit to visit my mom and Paul. Riley has said time and time again that Mom is her best friend--so it was quite the joyous time for her. She was also recently awarded a dinner certificate as well as another fancy certificate to adorn our wall for being on the honor roll. She never ceases to amaze me with how smart she is. She can read practically anything and gets 100% on all of her spelling tests (which is funny when you look at the words she tries to spell on her own). Her new FAVORITE thing to do is write. She will spend hours upon hours writing stories, lists, letters, valentines, the list goes on and on. My favorite thing about her right now is her creative spelling.

"blogs" [Bee-logs]-belongs
whoter botlls- water bottles
spinij- spinach
ckichin- kitchen
seecret ajet- secret agent
in gajed- engaged
bowcay- bouquet

She is continuously facinating and hysterical without meaning too. She just started her hip hop classes and will go around the house showing us her "moves"--maybe she should go see MC Hammer...hmmm....

Child #2-Zoie Bicalho. Zoie is growing at the speed of light...well, realitivily. She is still tiny for her age, but everyday she is learning something new. Her personality has decided to sprout and she is another ham just like the rest of us. She loves to play "peek a boo" and "cade zo-zo?" ("where is zoie" in portuguese") She will take it upon herself to seek out something to hide behind so she can play. She also likes to play dress up. Any piece of clothing she finds she tries to pull over her head. Just the other day she was caught wearing my bra around her neck followed by a few of Riley's bead necklaces. She has mastered the art of pulling herself up and is very vocal about her accomplishments when she gets up there. She is LOUD and likes to babble to her little hearts content. She also loves to sing. Once she hears someone singing she will trying to sing (yell) along.--A hear a Grammy in the makin... She is a momma's girl--but loves playing games with daddy. She is as sweet as they come--I think we shall keep her :)

Child #3- Bernardo Bicalho Cruz. Yes, thats right, child #3. Berns spends his days working from the crack of dawn until the sun goes down--however; since he works from home you will catch him taking breaks to play with the girls, howl at the dog, swim with the turtle, eat his way out of the fridge, sing portugese chants to the soccer games he watches online, and occasionally leap and dance around the house. He went into a deep state of depression being without all the girls when we went to Durango...but now is back to his happy, giddey, sarcastic self---and thats the Bernsie we all love and adore.

Only Adult in the House-Shea (I have no middle name..yes its traumatic and depressing). I spend my days caring for the 3 stated children above. I have recently descovered that cooking can actaully be fun when you can figure out how to make it taste good, and that cookies and cakes are joyous to make, but not all that great to eat. Being that I am blessed enough to stay at home I recently found myself trying to find a way to "escape" or find some "shea time"--so I joined the gym...Truthfully though--I looked in the mirror and got disgusted and decided dance dance revolution wouldnt cut it anymore....*silent sob*
Other than caring and tending to the children and the home, and ATTEMPTING to get into shape (I say attempting so you dont expect me to look good in spandex the next time you see me) I spend entirely too much time and money at the frozen yogurt places of Las Vegas. There is something about tart fruit flavored frozen yogurt and fresh fruit that makes me go ballistic. It is currently my drug of choice...I may need help....intervention style. Until then however I will continue to consume it in unruley ammounts (hense the reason the spandex will not look good)

Life in the fast lane is great. We are blessed to have a roof over our heads, money to pay for the things we need, and delicious things to feed ourselfs. We miss all of our dear loved family members and friends and really just wished they would make a town that we all lived in together...but until then--Riley will be groovin to "No Air", Zoie will be singing, and yelling, and talking, and laughing and......, Berns will be Berns, and I will be eating yogurt on the treadmill.

Come visit--we are fantastically fun.

Love you all.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

And you all thought I was kidding

Here it is folks, my first shot at cake decorating. I thought I would take it easy and start with cupcakes. I also decided to be cheap and make my own fondant...holy hanna is that stuff MESSY! cupcake with a little woodland creature isnt too bad for a first timer

Who would have thought making Fondant was so....messy

This is what Riley thought about it

The final project...not too shabby for the first try

I'm SOOOOO Going


ohhhh goodness....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Discover, Uncover, Recover...

Durango has, hands down, the best children's museum. It is small and quaint...but I LOVE it (again, this could be due to the fact that I love everything about Durango). Riley basically lived in this museum from the time she was 3 until we moved away last year. While we lived there I think she ruled the place.
While grandma had rehersal I took the girls up to the museum--it was nice cause they still knew Riley and let her in with open arms :) Zoie cruised around the toddler/baby area while Riley explored and discovered every other corner.

I sat and relaxed and enjoyed my girls' giggling and smiling. It is still impossible to get a picture of Riley without her hiding...but I tried...

Home, Home on the Range

It is funny to me that I (as Im sure many people do) spent SOOOO long wanting to escape the WRATH of my hometown when I was in high school--now all I do every day is scheme and plan ways to get back. *sigh*

Luck be it that Riley had a break from school, so I packed up the girls--kissed the nice 65 degree weather goodbye in Vegas and headed east to lovely snowy Durango. It was a much needed trip! We spent a week playing at grandma's house. I relaxed while grandma entertained the children with movies, forts, treats, coloring, some more forts....and then more forts (yes, my mother even made a fort equipped with a living room, bed room, and TV made out of cardboard-- Ninguem merece!

I got to see people near and dear to my heart, eat at all the fantastic different restaurants, and visit old familiar places. And while my high school friends are no longer there and those days have come and gone--it will still remain the place where I can let down my guard and remain the juvenile child that I am.

Silos by old house...Damon and I used to scheme ways to hook up a hang gliding machine that would go from the silos to the goat pin...Mercy Medical Center--place where I worked at 4am for 2 years...but its a great place!
My home away from home in high school

The wonderful lady behind much of my theatre inspiration

PEPPY--my first car--a 1972 VW Bug--he's still running...but that is after Paul fixed it from me seizing the engine...

My dear Karina--highschool buddies...really, things dont change much.

The other lady that gave me most of my love and drive for the performing lovely mother...isnt she great?

This is where my fancy footed husband went to college and played soccer! They won the national championship in 2006!!And got 2nd place in 2007! yay for my soccer stud

Place of many memories--I would go there to bug mom for lunch money, watch shows, go to rehearsals, and teach dance it is empty and sad
The worlds BEST frenchfries are here...yummm...french fries.....

And of course what is Durango without a little bit of Serious...and the best part about it is every Tuesday and Friday is taco night (did I mention that i lived in the condos that are in the top right hand side of the picture--so I went a little TOO often)