Saturday, February 28, 2009

"oooooh, they just wanna have fun"

Last Friday Berns and I ventured into the wild and allowed Riley to have 4 girls over for a movie night. OH BUDDY....Riley had been scheming and planning all week and when the time came we had 5 rambunctious 5-6 year old girls screaming over Zac Effron and singing along to the tunes of High School Musical III. All while consuming pizza and ice cream sundaes topped with absurds ammounts of candy. (yes, I am a terrible person and sent all the girls back home on sugar highs at 9 at night).
Berns and I found ourselves watching the movie and groovin along with the music. Friend Susie showed up and all the girls thought she was Sharpay as she entered in a "flashdance" sorta way. (luv ya Suz).
The movie was interupted halfway through when Berns descovered a dead rodant outside and decided to bring it up to the girls to see. That was followed by screechings (poor Berns needs a little boy).

It was a fun night and Riley was so delighted with how her little party planning came out. Maybe we will do it eleventy years :)