Saturday, February 28, 2009

i {hEaRt} yOu

I am not a fan of Valentine's day....I think it is a rather pointless holiday. The only thing I like about it is once upon a time way back in elementary school I got to make a really cool valentines box and pass out valentines to everyone in the class--dreading the entire time if you are accidently going to stick one in a boys box that said "Be Mine"...

However, there was no box making at this house.Riley was on track break so she didnt have school to attend, and Berns poo-pooed the idea of us sitting around cutting out hearts from construction paper and gluing them to a shoe box (in all honesty, I didnt actually ask if we could do it). Instead I took Riley to a playgroup on Friday activity to eat lots of yummy food, decorate yummy cookies, and make a valentines day bag to put valentines in. Riley loved it, and Zoie enjoyed crawling around trying to eat everything in site.

On actual Valentines day I surprised Berns with a professional massage (his first one EVER--my dad called him a girl for going to get one). While Berns was getting his massage Riley and I went to go get manicures and pedicures. Riley LOVED getting pampered and the little ladies at the nail salon LOVED Riley.
On Tuesday Berns and I actually took our "valentines date" and went to the Melting Pot--which I am convinced is my new favorite restaurant. I need to live there- and consume cheese fondue and chocolate fondue on a daily basis.
It was a lovely night out with just me and my lovely husband.
So yes, valentine's day is lame--but when it gives you an excuse to do so many fun things, I guess I cant find fault in i allowed to go all out on St. Patricks day too? I think so....

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