Saturday, February 7, 2009

And you all thought I was kidding

Here it is folks, my first shot at cake decorating. I thought I would take it easy and start with cupcakes. I also decided to be cheap and make my own fondant...holy hanna is that stuff MESSY! cupcake with a little woodland creature isnt too bad for a first timer

Who would have thought making Fondant was so....messy

This is what Riley thought about it

The final project...not too shabby for the first try


Anonymous said...

I think your cupcakes are very cute. Your marshmallow fondant looks good

SladeMomma said...

Good for your ambition and for the cute finished product. How does that bright red frosting stuff taste? Was it bitter from so much color? I'm anxious to see your projects as they progress to sweet and delectible masterpieces.

Berns and Shea said...

The frosting isnt all that bad actually Gay. It is a marshmallow based fondant so its nice and sweet! But not nearly as good as a buttercream frosting...but that just doesnt mold as good

Anonymous said...

ahahha pode ja to encomendando pro meu casamento!!! Quero cupcakes made by Shea!! bjs Mari