Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two Turn Tables and a Microphone

We have 2 random microphones in our house...dont ask me why--my only response is Denise Hagemeister is my's normal to have random microphones in your house.
Regardless, Zoie and Riley have discovered them. Forget the fact that I have spent ridiculous ammounts of money on toys for these 2 children. Toys are scum compared to these microphones. So practically every day, you will find the 2 of them together putting on concerts. Riley tends to sing songs inspired from Encore! (again, my mother is Denise's only natural that the 6 year old is singing Old Time Rock and Roll)--and Zoie just sings (screams) in her own little way.
I wouldnt be surprised if tomorrow Sophie (the dog) picked one up and sang along...after all--they are the coolest thing in the world....apparently....




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Near You Always....

So what does the best wifey in the world do to surprise her husband?! She buys him tickets to an intimate, acoustic concert of Jewel of course!!!
Berns has always been a huge fan of have I. The only song I ever learned how to play on guitar was "I'm Sensitive". So when I heard she was coming to town it posed the perfect oppritunity to go on a very well needed over-do date with my husband.
The night was amazing! This lady is eleventy million times better live than on her CD. I think I forgot to breathe until the end of the concert because I was in utter and complete awe.
When I purchased the tickets online, I didnt realize I was buying "supreme" seating and bought booth seats equiped with comfy high back leather and tables, and yes, even a "reserved" sign...the venue held, maybe 250 people. The night was fantastic. Thanks babe for sharing it with me!! Love ya!


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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rocket's Red Glare


You know as well as I do that the 4th of July means delicious BBQs, patriotic colors, fireworks of all kinds, and water fun of some kind. This 4th was nothing short of that.
My dear dear friend Pam came to town for a quick 24 hour trip. She invited Berns and I and the girls to swim in her hotel pool in the early afternoon. She was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was quite the neat pool full with tropical plants, a water slide, and a sandy beach entrance. it was also full of tattooed rockers and blonde bombshells. We looked like quite the circus show when we showed up adorned with floaties and life vests...but hey--we are cute :)

Later that evening we ventured to my Uncle's house to BBQ (which was torture for me since I can hardly eat any of the delcious food that was set out...I wanted nothing more than to CONSUME the frosted cookies and potatoe chips in LARGE AMOUNTS). The girls LOVED roaming around the yard, playing in the blow up bouncer, and eating goodies to their hearts content. We then put all the kiddos in the back of at truck to enjoy our own fancy show of fireworks. Zoie was in heaven. She oooohhhed and aaaahhhhhed and jumped and squealed. She was more fun to watch than the actual fireworks.
After that we drove home while watching the millions of different fireworks shows going off all over the Las Vegas valley--it was amazing watching them go off all around us.

the day was simple and full of smiles and laughter--meaning it was perfect.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Beast

There is a little corner in our little house that beholds many great and wonderful treasures. Treasures like stuffed mice, books about saying goodnight to the moon, and caterpillar's whose feet make music. Buckets of toys overflow and pretend castles adorn the floors. It is Zoie's corner...

Every night--after we have said good night to the moon, after we have snuggled the stuffed mouse, and closed the doors to the castle, I pick up the corner so that it looks crisp and clean for the next day of adventure:

Then the sun rises...and the beast awakens...and she ventures to find her treasures...and this is what becomes of the corner:

But with a face like really just let it happen...and wait to clean up the magic of play time until the beast goes to bed...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

So She Thinks She Can Dance

And I'm gonna have to say she would win the competition.

Little Rooster had her first big dance recital on June 20th. She is too ridiculously cute. We were graced with her getting her groove on to a little jazz number, listened to her clickity clacking with her cute solider tap number; and watched her "get down wit' her bad self" during a hip hop dance.

Riley LOOOOOVEs dancing and is excited to join the competitive tap team in the fall. We are so proud of her! Videos to come soon..just wait...she's too darn cute. *proud mama moment* *sniff*.

One tough cookie.

My Little Tap Star. She can shuffle off to Buffalo like it's nobody's business.

....And all that Jazz....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Something to Everyone

I am a daughter.

I am a wifey.

I am a mother.

I am a singer, a dancer, a theatre goer

I am a chef, a maid, a story teller, a tutor, a laudromat.

I am a baker, a seamstress, an author, a finacial advisor.

I am a nutritionist, a nurse, and a "regulator".

AND NOW...I am apparently a piano player? wha??!!
Sooo....a couple of weeks ago I was called to be the pianist in RS in church. My first response was, "um...I dont play the piano". (well, plunking out the top hand doesnt count as playing the piano). And then my mother's voice rang in my ear--"You dont EVER turn down a calling--there is a reason you get that calling". So of course my answer was "Ya, Sure, I'll be the pianist."

Again, I dont play the piano. So my friends, I went to lovely Deseret Book and purchased "Hymns for the dumb person that cant play the piano but takes a piano playing calling" book....(really, it is just a Simplified Hymn Book). And now I have been busy teaching my self and plucking away at the keys.

It is times like this that I kick myself for not taking lessons from my Aunt Gay- Piano Extrodinaire (that is her official title) while I was growing up and lived 2 blocks away...

But that is not it.

Apparently I am also a translator...or will be soon enough. The girls and I will be taking a trip to Brasil to see the family this fall...but we will be going without Berns (he has to work). Because of this I can no longer hide behind the brillantness of having my husband ask and answer every question I have when we visit. It is now time for me to buckle down and learn the language. This is what I've got so far:

"Eu soy Americana. eu no fala Portuguese. Eu entendo un pouco portuguese"....moohaha...

Here I come out...I'm bringing my piano book with me.