Thursday, July 23, 2009

Near You Always....

So what does the best wifey in the world do to surprise her husband?! She buys him tickets to an intimate, acoustic concert of Jewel of course!!!
Berns has always been a huge fan of have I. The only song I ever learned how to play on guitar was "I'm Sensitive". So when I heard she was coming to town it posed the perfect oppritunity to go on a very well needed over-do date with my husband.
The night was amazing! This lady is eleventy million times better live than on her CD. I think I forgot to breathe until the end of the concert because I was in utter and complete awe.
When I purchased the tickets online, I didnt realize I was buying "supreme" seating and bought booth seats equiped with comfy high back leather and tables, and yes, even a "reserved" sign...the venue held, maybe 250 people. The night was fantastic. Thanks babe for sharing it with me!! Love ya!


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lissalynn said...

wow shea i am so jealous! what a great hubby you have!