Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two Turn Tables and a Microphone

We have 2 random microphones in our house...dont ask me why--my only response is Denise Hagemeister is my's normal to have random microphones in your house.
Regardless, Zoie and Riley have discovered them. Forget the fact that I have spent ridiculous ammounts of money on toys for these 2 children. Toys are scum compared to these microphones. So practically every day, you will find the 2 of them together putting on concerts. Riley tends to sing songs inspired from Encore! (again, my mother is Denise's only natural that the 6 year old is singing Old Time Rock and Roll)--and Zoie just sings (screams) in her own little way.
I wouldnt be surprised if tomorrow Sophie (the dog) picked one up and sang along...after all--they are the coolest thing in the world....apparently....




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SladeMomma said...

Watch out World! Stars in the making.