Friday, August 7, 2009


I am a slacker...very much remember how I went to Utah eleventy weeks ago and took pictures so that the grandparents and family that keep up with this blog would not get mad and me?'s those pictures...we went the beginning on's now the beginning of August...

REGARDLESS--I took the girls to Utah because my sister was having surgery and she needed help--no, not my help, my mother's help. BUT my mother was there...SOOOOO we went too (oh, right, we went to help Britt too). It was a quick weekend trip--but the girls enjoyed outdoor activities that didnt involve 115 degree weather.
We hoot and hollered for Riian at her softball game, played in the fountain's at Thanksgiving point, and enjoyed yummy food and games.

Riley was in ultimate heaven because she got to spend time with her best bud Maddie that lived next door to us in Utah. ---yes, it was a quick quick 2 day trip--but we made sure to fill it with sugar, spice, and everything nice.

I would like to note that my lovely, "obiedient", "non-defiant" 6 year old hates pictures, hence the reason there is only one of her...and she's not looking...oh well.

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