Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some Birthday Goodness

Many moons ago my sweet little B-bird turned 1. I am a horrible procrastinator and am just now posting about this....yes...her slideshow will show up soon as well.

Now that I apologized for posting late, I shall rant and complain about how ridiculous it is that it has already been a year. I know I do this with each child, each birthday, every year...but Bia is still only supposed to be about 6 months old by my calculations (I never was good at math...)

Despite my protests and attempts at stopping her birthday from coming--it came--and so since it decided to come, I begrudgingly gave in and threw the cute little button a birthday shindig.

We invited some of our closest buds, ate too many treats, partook of a delicious potato bar, and watched unruly amounts of little children run around the house.

The fact that children grow up in such a short amount of time makes me the saddest person ever. The fact that I get to watch them grow, learn, develop, and turn into such neat little people makes me the happiest person ever. Its a win-lose situation here.

Bia at one year:
~Little B loves to snuggle. She loves giving loves.
~Little miss adores babies--she takes after Zoie in this way.
~The girl has learned how to hold her own. With two older sisters this little lady has got survival mode perfected. She can squak loud and make a run when she sees them coming for the toy she has. Pretty sure she could survive in the wilderness by herself.
~She still doesnt sleep....*sigh* We are hoping by the time she is 15 she will outgrow this nasty habit
~Her favorite toy is my toothbrush
~She dances and sways her dress back and forth to any music or anything that resembles music.
~Her personality is stronger than Zo's....we are in trouble.
~She's perfectly perfect.

I love you little B.

Zo's best friend Preston came to partake of the festivities--and made binoculars from the trash of the presents....cuz he's that cool.

Showing off her new toys

ymmmm. cake.

It took her awhile. She was a bit iffy about that cake...but she eventually gave in to its delicious sweet temptation.

BFF Claire. She is just as deliciously adorable.

Little buddy Raija--she was thrilled to be at the party.

I love this little face.

Scrumptiously delicious birthday cupcakes. Dont look too close at their frosting..I'm not a cake decorator.

Pink and Turquoise candy. Yes. I had to have it match. That's how I roll.

Friday, November 4, 2011


"She's born to shimmer, she's born to shine
She's born to radiate.
She's born to live, she's born to love....

This smile get's me everytime. This little one is a funny little creature. I'm nothing less than blessed to call her my own. Her little personality is coming into full swing lately and this pretty much sums it all up.... Thanks for shining little lady.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some good reasons

Most people who tell you about a trip to Brazil will tell you stories of a mountain known as Sugar Loaf, a lady from Copacabana, a statue of Christ with arms wide open, string bikinis, speedos, and beautiful people.
And yes, these are all very common things in Brazil-- our stories of Brazil will be different. Our reason for visiting this beautiful place is because of these fantastic people.
They are our family. And they live too far away.
It breaks our hearts to leave them every time.
I am hoping the star trek "beam me up" method of transportation works sooner than later.

Until then we will continue to skype and look at pictures and look forward for the better reasons to visit Brazil. Rain forests, beautiful beaches, and monkeys in the tree tops are just an added bonus.

Super cozy in gma's arms.

Gpa Gui taking the girls to partake in the tradition of a futebol game.


Grandpa Wilson. Coolest. Man. Ever.

Tio Felipe and Tia Mariana.

Some pretty good lookin ladies.

Fancy girls at a fancy 9 year old's birthday party.

Bia being her silly snoofy self for Vovo Ceriz.