Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MoNkEyInG ArOuNd

My poor husband does not have any little boys to grow up and become world renown soccer stars. He also doesn't have any girls that will do that either (Although, Bia might turn out to be our little soccer diva).

So, it was only fate that when daddy invited us to watch a soccer game for the boys that he coaches--the girls would want to end up walking across the field to the playground.

And I HAPPENED to have my handy dandy camera with me to catch some cute girls on film...ok, ok, I know, I always have my camera on me....enjoy some pictures regardless.

Our little Pooch

We said some tearful and sad good byes to our little pooch. Sophie was hit by a car and unfortunately passed away. Luckily for her- she seemed to have been killed right away instead of suffering a long time. Her best bud Riley took it pretty hard and clung to her collar for weeks upon weeks after.
We loved our little Sophie dog. She was a good one. Grandpa Glen is probably enjoying her up in heaven as they go on nice little excursions up there.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Decade...uh...WHAT?!

My sweet little baby girl turned 10 this year.

no, no, no, no, no...that's a typo...




THAT IS COMPLETLEY......depressing.

*moment of silence whilst I sob*
I will continue to try and type through the pain and agony I feel at this moment in time.

My little beauty has been nothing but a beacon of light in my life. What a lovely blessing and example she is to me every day.

We started her day off with her favorite breakfast: Scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, bacon, and strawberries with whipped cream.
Being that I'm truly that lamest mother in the whole world- I then made her go to school.

For months upon months before her birthday she kept telling me she wanted a pink stripe in her hair. Every time she asked I would simply reply "ask for your birthday" thinking surely by the time her birthday came around she would have forgotten (The girl makes thousands of birthday lists every year)

However....that was the one thing that remained on her silly little list. ugh. So sure enough--one of her gifts was to get a pink stripe (I justified it because the coming month was National Breast Cancer Awareness month).  Well-Auntie Jessiy showed up just in time for us to convince to get a pink stripe too....then Zo wanted in on the action. So everyone got a pink stripe (Besides me--I had some sense still in my itty bitty brain).

I love my quirky 10 year old. I love her "isms" and her infectious laugh. I only hope that the next 10 years go by at a snails pace instead.


Some New Friends

It only seems fitting that if you live on a ranch (yes, that's what I'm calling our may all pretend it has cows and horses and chickens--but really it's mostly dust) that you have some of the critters that go with it.

After years, and years, and years...and more years of pleading Berns and I finally caved into letting Riley (and the little girls) get a kitty. There were just 2 conditions:

The kitty had to stay outside
The kitty had to eat the mice that would invade my home if I didn't get said kitty (country living for ya).

So being the fantastic grandma that Grandma Nisey is--she decided to ship on over not 1, but 3 kitties--because obviously we needed 1 cat for each child that resided in the house.

And being the absentminded-not-very-smart pregnant person I was, I decided to add to the mix a little Bloodhound puppy that I have always know, cuz Sophie needed a friend.....

So on top of the following family members:
and Sophie

we now also have:
Pickle (the puppy)

Oh Boy....

Now I have a farm.

Laboring Away

Labor Day 2012

Ok, if you're gonna insist I take a day off from the world and rest from my labors (which I thought that's what I did every Sunday) I SUPPOSE I'll cooperate and go on a vacation in the process.

Oh, well, ok, Labor Day isn't specifically set for me--but I can pretend. And so I did. We packed up our belongings and toddled over to my sister's house in Lehi to spend the long weekend with the cousins. Nothing fancy schmancy--just some parks, and trampolines with sprinklers--but any excuse to go visit the cousins is an excellent one to have.