Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some New Friends

It only seems fitting that if you live on a ranch (yes, that's what I'm calling our home....you may all pretend it has cows and horses and chickens--but really it's mostly dust) that you have some of the critters that go with it.

After years, and years, and years...and more years of pleading Berns and I finally caved into letting Riley (and the little girls) get a kitty. There were just 2 conditions:

The kitty had to stay outside
The kitty had to eat the mice that would invade my home if I didn't get said kitty (country living for ya).

So being the fantastic grandma that Grandma Nisey is--she decided to ship on over not 1, but 3 kitties--because obviously we needed 1 cat for each child that resided in the house.

And being the absentminded-not-very-smart pregnant person I was, I decided to add to the mix a little Bloodhound puppy that I have always wanted...you know, cuz Sophie needed a friend.....

So on top of the following family members:
and Sophie

we now also have:
Pickle (the puppy)

Oh Boy....

Now I have a farm.

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