Sunday, October 6, 2013

"House" Painting

When moving into my Mom and Pauls house it was inevitable that I was going to have to eventually paint all the walls, nooks, and crannies. That's my nature. I paint things. Especially anything that is the color of "wood". So, in our attempts to make this a fun family activity we invited the girls a long to help....buuuuut, I'm not that dumb as to just give them a brush and let them have a go at it. I found some little wood blocks and some colorful paint so they had a project too.

Riley was super meticulous and made sure each and every part of her blocks were covered. I'm sure she had some kind of great idea to do with the blocks once she was all done with them. I should have known that the other 2 itty bittys would have more paint  end up on their little bodies than anywhere that it was intended to be. Luckily for them they look so gosh darn cute with paint all over them--so out came the camera.