Thursday, August 28, 2008

Westward Ho!

Alright, Alright, Alright!! After 56509450693 emails and a few calls, I will verify that we did in fact move to Las Vegas--land of hotter-than-acid heat and bright lights (amoung a few other things that we just pretend arent here). Berns was fortunate enough to land a nice job as an Operations Manager. His office is at home and our home is cute. (pictures to follow after im finished decorating) I miss my sister and her ADORABLE children (oh, and Nate, dont think we forgot about you) very much--but we look forward to the possibilities this job will present to us. We are also close to my dad now--so that is good :)

Riley has mixed feelings about the move--but generally, she is having a good time. She misses her cousins and her two favorite buddies (Madde and Olivia)--but reminds me constantly that she gets to go visit them. She is thrilled at the prospect of going to the beach since it's only a few hours away (get ready to house us Pam, and Danny and Lauren!) She is also excited about her small "pool" in her backyard (our house came with a hot tub, but being that is 15,000 degrees, we will keep the heat off and told riley it could be her little pool). All in all, she is doing great and loves her new school. We love her and applaud her for the good job she has done with all the recent moves.

Zoie is....well, 3 months old....nothing phases her except if she doesnt get to take a nap--and even then, she doesnt get crabby...just smiles with tired eyes. Her favorite things these days are her sister, being held, and her fuzzzy wuzzy blankie. She is trying to master the art of grabbing things to put in her mouth. She hasn't quite figured out that she has to OPEN her fist to do that. The poor little thing someone got pink eye right before we moved...but being the great little baby she is, never fussed...she just smiled right through it.

Berns, as I said, started a new job and he seems to be loving it. He basically runs the business--payroll, office work, HR, manager, the whole shabang. I think he also loves the fact that he can wear the same thing for 2 days strait and noone seems to care. I'm happy that he is loving his job...makes me smile

I spend my time tending to children. Every now and again I realize its time to shower, clean, go grocery shopping, and cook. We have been staying at my dad's house until our house is ready for us next week, so I'm at a loss of things to do. I did take Zoie out the other day and ran errands while Riley was at school, but I decided its no fun to do that when its so hot...not to mention my "errands" was just me going shopping :) I love being mommy and love the fact that my husband is willing to let me do that. I'm in the process of trying to find good dance schools around here so I can get back into the "groove" of things...but for now, I'm just adjusting to yet another change in the life of the Costas...

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alfalfa Curl

So, I gave Zoie a bath yesterday and when her hair (the small amount she has) dried, a little surprise seemed to have sprouted out of nowhere. Zoie's little alfalfa curl. I kid you not, it stuck up and curled all by itself, and with all the times I tried to "pet" it back down, it continued to stick right back up. Not even a little water would keep it down--it came from nowhere and is now sticking up constantly. I think its rather cute, so I have just let it be....

If it's a promissing thing that she will have hair like Victor (Berns' cousin) then I am super excited..that side of the family has the BEST bring them on---(although Danny and Lauren, I dont think she will EVER manage to beat little Eden's curls...)

I would also like to make note, that this picture alone proves that there is ABSOLUTELY no Shea in this child...she is all Berns...

Time Flies When You're Having Fun....

....and it's been nothing but fun with my little Rooster around (Rooster is the nickname I gave Riley, I have NO idea why, it just formed one day). Riley started 1st grade this week! HOLY COW! Where did the time go?? Kindergarten wasn't hard for me like most people told me if would be--they still seem super little in Kindergarten--but 1st GRADE!? WOW. I'm so proud of here and the great little girl she is. She LOVES her new school (probably cause her private school didnt have recess and this one does). She is trying her hardest to make new friends, and she loves wearing all her new school clothes (she is related to me afterall)....Time went too fast--if anyone knows how to slow it down, please give me the secret.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sad When It Comes To This

Hello everyone--we LOVE sharing our information with you about our family and our lovely girls--but because of some extremely rude and uncalled for comments I am going to make our blog private. We would LOVE for you to keep reading and commenting--we love hearing from you all. We were very sad that it had to get like this. Please keep commenting--but leave your name.... Again, I'm very sorry. I hope those that made the comments realize how unfortunate and juvenile it was. Thanks :)
~Berns, Shea, Riley, Zoie, Sophie, and Tuey (the turtle)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kids Say the Darnest Things Part II

While in the car on our way to drop off some stuff we had to DI:

Riley: "Mom, what can I do? Im bored"

Mom: "I dunno, just hang out."

Riley: "Mom, I dont know how to hang out, I need help hanging out."

Haha...She's a good one :) We like her...

Friday, August 15, 2008

A lil update on the life of the Cute Costas:Summer has been a whirlwind of fun, excitement, activities, and heat. We eased our way into summer by greeting our wonderful baby girl Zoie into our lives, and ever since then it has been nonstop. Zoie is getting to be so big! Well, she is still pretty little, but she is getting chubbier and chubbier by the minute! She is such a sweet and happy girl. She loves to coo and smile. Some days she wont sleep cause she is too busy smiling and cooing and enjoying the world. She is only every cranky when she is hungry--and boy does she let us know! She has got quite the pair of lungs on her to let out a wail when she wants to be fed. She sleeps all through the night, loves to be snuggled, and thinks her big sister is the greatest. We are so happy she is ours and love every little bit of her!Riley is a busy busy 5 year old. Most days she is out wandering the neighborhood with her partners in crime (Madde and Olivia--the 2 girls next door). Her days are spent outside enjoying the sprinklers, bugs, sidewalk chalk, trampolines, slip and slides, scooters, and everything inbetween. She has also enjoyed going to the waterpark, swimming pool, grandma's visits, carnivals, shopping, shaved ice, and so on and so forth. She is a constant go and wears me out just thinking about it! I need a nap just mentioning it!!

Berns is...berns :) not much has changed which is good cause I like him just the way he is. He stays busy trying to keep up with all the girls in the house, but he wouldnt have it anyother way. he loves to snuggle Zoie, try to play with Riley and her friends (mostly they try to hide and run from him), or beat me at hand and foot (a card game that I have yet to win). I love his quirky personality and the great father that he is!


What happens when the 5 year old wakes up the 26 year old....

Berns got to stay and work from home this week--so he got to sleep in a little more than he usually does. Riley, being the little ball of energy that she is, was ready and willing to pounce on Berns bright and early in the morning to give him a little wake up you can tell by his facial expressions he was super excited..haha

Life as a 3 month old...

Step One: Wake Up extra cute and bright eyed: Step 2: Give us a grin, cause it's what I do best:

Step 3: Play in my new bumbo--which I love! I'm getting so big (although, I'm still a bit wobbly in it):

Step 4: A little belly time...this part is always tough!

Step 5: Smile like always...its all I tend to do..but......It all wears me out at the end of the day--I'm such a busy happy baby, that come night time all I want to do is sleep! I sleep from about 1130pm til 830 am--I eat at about 630am--but fall right back asleep---I'm pretty much the best baby ever!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My miniture model

So, most anytime that I pull out the camera Riley runs hiding and kicking and screaming. She DOES NOT like getting her picuture taken...Although, there are some very rare occasions that she will decide she loves the camera...on occasions such as this, these are the kinds of pictures I end up getting....apparently she is 5 going on gotta love her.

Viva Las Vegas

Berns and I decided it was due time to go visit my dad in Las Vegas. The last time I had been down there was right before the wedding--so it was time to go brave the 115 degree weather (it actually wasnt that hot!). I took the girls down Wed night and Berns followed in flight on Friday night. While there my lovely sister Damon drove up from Flagstaff to meet Zoie for the first time and play with her buddy Riley. We had a lot of fun shopping, going to the Shark Reef, eating DELICIOUS gelatto, and resting. Riley especially liked chacing dad's yippity dogs around the house! Cutest lemon meringue pie at the Bellagio--it was miniture!

At the Shark Reef--Riley hates getting pictures taken when there are more enjoyable things to be doing!!
Trying to touch the stingrays!
Zoie and the newest trends
Berns and Riley throwing pennies into the fountain of youth...or just making wishes :)
Damon eating DELICIOUS gelatto...a wee bit of heaven.