Thursday, August 14, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Berns and I decided it was due time to go visit my dad in Las Vegas. The last time I had been down there was right before the wedding--so it was time to go brave the 115 degree weather (it actually wasnt that hot!). I took the girls down Wed night and Berns followed in flight on Friday night. While there my lovely sister Damon drove up from Flagstaff to meet Zoie for the first time and play with her buddy Riley. We had a lot of fun shopping, going to the Shark Reef, eating DELICIOUS gelatto, and resting. Riley especially liked chacing dad's yippity dogs around the house! Cutest lemon meringue pie at the Bellagio--it was miniture!

At the Shark Reef--Riley hates getting pictures taken when there are more enjoyable things to be doing!!
Trying to touch the stingrays!
Zoie and the newest trends
Berns and Riley throwing pennies into the fountain of youth...or just making wishes :)
Damon eating DELICIOUS gelatto...a wee bit of heaven.

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lovely laurie said...

And I hear you are moving there---WHAT? When did that happen? You are full of secrets, not to mention not coming to visit ME this summer!