Friday, August 15, 2008

What happens when the 5 year old wakes up the 26 year old....

Berns got to stay and work from home this week--so he got to sleep in a little more than he usually does. Riley, being the little ball of energy that she is, was ready and willing to pounce on Berns bright and early in the morning to give him a little wake up you can tell by his facial expressions he was super excited..haha

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Linda said...

Dear Shea,

We love your blog and the time it takes to do them. I am excited to hear you are in Vegas. We were just there the first part of August. Stuart loves Vegas, (not me too much) but having you guys there is fantastic. We'd love to see you and especially when you invade Pam's house. Please let us know when and we will try to sneak in a visit.

Love you guys so very much