Friday, August 15, 2008

Life as a 3 month old...

Step One: Wake Up extra cute and bright eyed: Step 2: Give us a grin, cause it's what I do best:

Step 3: Play in my new bumbo--which I love! I'm getting so big (although, I'm still a bit wobbly in it):

Step 4: A little belly time...this part is always tough!

Step 5: Smile like always...its all I tend to do..but......It all wears me out at the end of the day--I'm such a busy happy baby, that come night time all I want to do is sleep! I sleep from about 1130pm til 830 am--I eat at about 630am--but fall right back asleep---I'm pretty much the best baby ever!!

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Damon said...

I miss my baby....can I have her back yet?