Thursday, May 29, 2008

Freeze this Moment

After much convincing and self motivation I decided that I needed to write in this blog more frequently than once (if that) a month. This is mainly due to the fact that we have many family members down in beautiful Brazil that would be terribly angry with me if I only told them how the grandkids were doing once a month....I also have a mother who is constantly asking for pictures ( I try to remind her that the photographer in the family lives in Seattle and she is bugging the WRONG child, but she wont give in)....I also have quite a few friends that send emails, txt messages, and phone calls telling me that my blog is "boring" because my updates are so far and few between. SOOOOOOOOO....I will try harder. For those of you that were really doing quite well with only hearing from us once a month--bless you--and you can ignore the more frequent updates and still continue to read just once a month....

It's been two weeks since precious little Zoie entered our lives. it has flown by and has been quite a busy blur--this could be because I have had no sleep....My wonderful mother came for a week and graced our lives with WONDERFUL food (she will be rolling her eyes right now because she claims everything she made was "so easy"....blah blah blah). She also played NONSTOP with Riley who is constantly on the go. We were then graced with John and Leire for a few days...they were also subjected to Riley's fashion shows, princess play, and make believe weddings. We miss them already! Riley graduated Kindergarten, Zoie had 2 docotor appointments (just check ups and some blood tests--nothing out of the norm) and now we are preparing for more visitors next week (Pam and Katherine!!) Being that my mind does not currently function from the lack of sleep and energy--I will let you just look at more pictures: enjoy!
Little Zoie being spoiled....
Dressed up and all ready to go home!
Our little beauty the hot hot weather
Riley's new toy...and what happens when she spends ALL day playing on it...(she fell asleep)
Like father like daughter...they do after all look alike...
Zoie in her snuggly. She loves it!
A long play day at Kangaroo Zoo...its exhausting!
Zoie after her first bath...she hated the bath--but loved being snuggled after it!
Riley ready to go to school for crazy hair day--that's right--she has blue and pink hair--and she made sure her clothes matched
This is what we found when Riley was sleeping on the ground in her room--Sophie snuggled right up next to her.
Zoie and her classic "scrunched" face...she makes it quite often...(this one is just for you mom)
My handsome husband...'nuff said
Lovely Leire and Precious John John...we wish they lived here...
Riley's Kindergarten graduation...she is laughing at grandma Nisey in the front row dancing for her..
Riley throwing her cap...what a big girl...she is getting too big too fast
Our bright eyed beauty...she's amazing
Little Miss Zoie and her binkie...which is the size of her face...
Our other bright eyed beauty...ready to leave the hospital...
My handsome husband being a "daredevil" on the big blow up slides at Kangaroo Zoo (note: he got a slide burn on his chin...)
There you have it--Its been quite the wonderful lovely eventful 2 weeks. I wish I had more pictures--of mom, of my niece Izzy when she is trying to "softly" touch the baby, of my nephew Jack holding baby Zoie, or of my brother Justin falling off our trampoline. We feel very blessed with the life we have and the 2 wonderful girls we have. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy them. Much love to you all--and come visit...we like visitors

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And Now Presenting.....

Zoie Bicalho Costa!

Born: May 13, 2008 @ 3:29pm

Weight: 7lbs 3 oz--19inches long
(3.270 kg--48.3 cm)

Zoie joined our world yesterday afternoon after only about 6 hours of labor! Happily for me, the labor was very easy and she came SUPER fast. My doctors and nurses were wonderful and made the experience less stressful for me. Berns did a great job and has been radiating a particular glow for the past 24 hours. He was incredibly helpful throughout the entire labor and while we are still in the hospital (which is currently where I am writing this blog! I couldnt wait to share pictures!) Little Riley was able to stop by last night with aunt Britt. She liked seeing her for...a minute....but then just wanted to go back to her cousin's house (hospitals are not very exciting for a 5 year old!) She didnt feel like holding Zoie, but she was ready and willing to give her kisses. I'm sure the adjustment will take a little bit--but she is going to be a wonderful sister I'm sure! (she is already in the works for making plans for dressing Zoie up in princess dresses).

I am healing as expected. Sore mostly, but I have been able to get up and walk around...and that alone is quite the miracle considering the poor shape I was in after having Riley! I love just sitting here and watching Zoie sleep. In the rare moments that she is awake, she loves looking around to try and find where mommy and daddy's voices are coming from. She is just like Riley and has attached herself to a binky--she came out attached to her fingers; so we gave in and let her have a binky.

Watching such a little beautiful little person makes me realize how wonderful being a mother is and how much I adore my family. If you would have asked me in high school what my dreams and ambitions were, I would have told you, singing-dancing--acting--living in the limelight. Dont get me wrong, I still love singing and dancing (and most would say I love attention)--but I have come to learn that children make your lives happy ever afters, husbands really are knights in shining armor, and have a family is a fairy tale that any lucky person would be graced with.

My family, daughters, and husband really are the bee's knees. Now that I've posted something WAAAAY too are the long awaited pictures of our new princess...