Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just Plain Mean.

Dear Necco,

I have been a faithful customer of yours for the past 20sum years. I look forward to the beginning of the year when I know stores across the nation will hold your fantastic pastel conversation hearts--truly my favorite candy. Come Valentines day I find myself stocking up on bags of deliciousness. Many people look at me in disgust asking how i could eat something that taste like "chalk"...however...I've been addicted...for years.
So it was nothing new that my excitement escalated this Valentines season...only to have my cravings shot down.
Let's not be polite any longer. Why on earth would you take away the delicious white candy heart and replace it with a disgusting "blue raspberry" piece of chunder? Why on earth would you also flavor all the other flavors and RUIN a once perfect creation.
You are flat out mean. End of discussion. I will no longer ask for you to "Be Mine".

Saddened Deeply,