Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some good reasons

Most people who tell you about a trip to Brazil will tell you stories of a mountain known as Sugar Loaf, a lady from Copacabana, a statue of Christ with arms wide open, string bikinis, speedos, and beautiful people.
And yes, these are all very common things in Brazil-- our stories of Brazil will be different. Our reason for visiting this beautiful place is because of these fantastic people.
They are our family. And they live too far away.
It breaks our hearts to leave them every time.
I am hoping the star trek "beam me up" method of transportation works sooner than later.

Until then we will continue to skype and look at pictures and look forward for the better reasons to visit Brazil. Rain forests, beautiful beaches, and monkeys in the tree tops are just an added bonus.

Super cozy in gma's arms.

Gpa Gui taking the girls to partake in the tradition of a futebol game.


Grandpa Wilson. Coolest. Man. Ever.

Tio Felipe and Tia Mariana.

Some pretty good lookin ladies.

Fancy girls at a fancy 9 year old's birthday party.

Bia being her silly snoofy self for Vovo Ceriz.

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