Sunday, August 16, 2009

John John Phenomenon

Who sings good morning to us in 45982384 different languages?

Who can juggle in a unitard and actually pull it off?

Who sits in dog pee for an hour, notices it, shrugs, and continues to sit in it?

Who got married by Riley in our living room to the loveliest lady?

Who has a costume for every occasion you can imagine?

Who is a creeper?

Who wears a 3 year old's tu-tu on his head to look like a flower?

Who kisses his room mate's girlfriend instead of shaking her hand when meeting for the first time?

Who looks better in skin tight bell bottom pants than the majority of the female population?

Who completes a third of Berns' tripod?

Who can't stop the beat?

Mr. John John Phenomenon. And we are so happy he came to visit. We will miss you John--give Leire our love. Congrats to the both of you! Hopefully we can see the both of you soon!

1 comment:

SladeMomma said...

I remember John from DPAC's first year. I remember his striptease act. He's great!