Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beautiful in Brasil

The average US model wears size 00-3 . So if you're a size 3, you would be on the "chunkier" size. PLUS SIZED models where a size 10+ (explain to me how a size 10 is considered "plus" please)...

Everywhere you look around town or in magazines you will find the newest make up promissing age reduction, surgery for lipo, laser, and plastic surgery. Over 1.2 BILLION dollars are spent on liposuction in the United States every year.

I am not a size 00, or a size 1, 2, or 3.
I am known to have a big butt...it's pretty widely known. In high school, a fellow classmate told me I had "birthin hips"...

I met my lovely husband my senior year of high school. It has not been until the last 3.5 years however that I have been educated about why he finds me so darn attractive. And I will spill the secret to you now.

Brasil likes NORMAL women. Women who embrace their curves. Women who enjoy having a badonk-ka-donk. You dont see a skinny mini walking around the streets. Instead you find women of every shape and size who walk around in confidence because they know what beauty is.
Brasilian men tend to hate make up. They would much rather look at a lady in her natural skin. They love the curves. They love women with some "junk in the trunk" They love a little meat.

I love coming to Brasil to experience new things and all the culture it has to offer. But what I love the most is how accepting and nonjudgemental everyone is.

Yes, my big butt and my birthin hips are beautiful in Brasil.


mariana said...

I bet that besides all the beauty you have, Berns fell in love with you because of the great person you are! Always smiling, up to everything and fun to be around!!!!
We are having a BLAST having the Costa Girls Around!!!

Kara said...

Thanks for making me feel a little more normal! Glad to know that some people have it right! Hope you're having a great time.

SladeMomma said...

I've seen some of the women in Berns' family and each one is gorgeous, beautifully made up and couffured, stylishly dressed and, like you, slim enough.