Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where the deer and the antelope play...


Tucked in between some purple mountain's majesty lies a quaint little town full of charm and personality. On any given day you will see a horse parked outside the Diamond Bell Bar and Salon, kayakers weaving in and out on Smelter, "Natives" sceaming against Texans on the slopes, a zuberfizz sitting next to a Serious Taco. Skyhawks cheering on soccer studs, Demons doing the demon beat, and blue grass sounds playing some "mountain music". This is home. It is a place where everybody knows your name. They are always glad you came...(you're singing the song now huh?)
I spent my senior year of high school trying to find a way out--now we dream of ways to get back.

But since there is no permanent fix for us in Durango--we make do with little visits. This time it was for the Fort Lewis Alum game. Never mind the fact the alum lost 7-0...Berns loved seeing his soccer buds, Riley loved being spoiled by grandma, Zoie loved running around the ranch, I loved....home.
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SladeMomma said...

I've never wanted to live there, but I visit often enough to understand why the natives love it. And from your lovely descriptions I can tell that you REALLY love it.