Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Smarty Pants

Spelling words that consists of things like "foundation"

Vocabulary words that consists of things like "perserverance"

Imagination that consists of fairies, pony lands, and happy ever afters.

Style that consists of "things as fancy as Nancy"

Mathmatics that consist of patterns, dimes, nickles, subtraction, and minus signs

Songs that consist of "Bleeding Love", "No Air", "Smooth Criminal"s, and "I'm Yours"

Reading books that consist of 3rd grade levels.

I would have to say that if you add that all up you get my mini genius who just completed 1st grade in August. Riley made it on the straight A Honor Roll--which would thrill any parent--but what thrills me more is Riley's spunk and drive for life. She is one of a kind. As my mother puts it, she is a "magical child".

I look up to my little Ri. She is an inspiration. Good job with your wonderful year at school baby girl...Now someone tell me when I got old enough to have a 2nd grader?



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Mariana Bicalho said...

Essa menina é demais mesmo!!!! Shop said...

" I know you have pet´s of your own.But I just can´t 'tak' it when you look at my petshop and go on as if you did not care about how 'paitiont' we´ve been. We´ve been helping with other people and you don´t know about that. We are not trying to hurt your feelings it´s just that we are just warning you about my 'ant' who own´s this petshop has been 'pationt' to sell her cat things and 'scence' you did not get it she took most of CAT STUFF AWAY!

THATS Riley writing signs so we could put up outside the store, so people wont just walk by it , but actually go inside and buy things that havent been sold in a long time! I might actually hire her as a Marketing Consultant!! HA!