Friday, February 6, 2009

Home, Home on the Range

It is funny to me that I (as Im sure many people do) spent SOOOO long wanting to escape the WRATH of my hometown when I was in high school--now all I do every day is scheme and plan ways to get back. *sigh*

Luck be it that Riley had a break from school, so I packed up the girls--kissed the nice 65 degree weather goodbye in Vegas and headed east to lovely snowy Durango. It was a much needed trip! We spent a week playing at grandma's house. I relaxed while grandma entertained the children with movies, forts, treats, coloring, some more forts....and then more forts (yes, my mother even made a fort equipped with a living room, bed room, and TV made out of cardboard-- Ninguem merece!

I got to see people near and dear to my heart, eat at all the fantastic different restaurants, and visit old familiar places. And while my high school friends are no longer there and those days have come and gone--it will still remain the place where I can let down my guard and remain the juvenile child that I am.

Silos by old house...Damon and I used to scheme ways to hook up a hang gliding machine that would go from the silos to the goat pin...Mercy Medical Center--place where I worked at 4am for 2 years...but its a great place!
My home away from home in high school

The wonderful lady behind much of my theatre inspiration

PEPPY--my first car--a 1972 VW Bug--he's still running...but that is after Paul fixed it from me seizing the engine...

My dear Karina--highschool buddies...really, things dont change much.

The other lady that gave me most of my love and drive for the performing lovely mother...isnt she great?

This is where my fancy footed husband went to college and played soccer! They won the national championship in 2006!!And got 2nd place in 2007! yay for my soccer stud

Place of many memories--I would go there to bug mom for lunch money, watch shows, go to rehearsals, and teach dance it is empty and sad
The worlds BEST frenchfries are here...yummm...french fries.....

And of course what is Durango without a little bit of Serious...and the best part about it is every Tuesday and Friday is taco night (did I mention that i lived in the condos that are in the top right hand side of the picture--so I went a little TOO often)


Niels and Susie Jensen said...

These pics look like they belong in a history book about Durango. I am pretty bummed that I didnt make it with you this time. Sign me up for the next round. But, only if you are going when the snow is gone.

lissalynn said...

makes me miss my hometown too, remember the good ol fort?
glad to see that you included serious and steamworks and the silos.