Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Counting Sheep

A couple of weeks ago my lovely cousin Merrit and her fiance came down for a visit. Being that Vegas is taking a digger in todays economy; you can find some superb deals on show tickets if you are a local. Merrit and I decided that seeing some kind of Cirque show while they were here was a must. There is a generous amount to choose from, but I had heard good things about Le Reve (which translates to "The Dream"). We left the girls with some lucky lucky friends and ventured to an unknown theatre world...

All I can say, wow. My rambles and rants will not do the show justice. The stage, the talent, the intricate details, the "how in the world did they set that up/do that", the lack of a spine in the A dream it was.

I will save you the wasted time of reading by going into detail. INSTEAD how about you come visit and see for yourself...heck, I'll be nice and even go with


SladeMomma said...

I (underlined, in big bold letters) need to come visit and see that show. Merrit's report was the same, and I want to be wowed.

kira said...

I still can't believe after 8.5 years here we still haven't seen a show ... it looks awesome!