Thursday, October 14, 2010

Every Girl Needs One

I'm a lil obsessed about my girls wearing cute bows in their hair. (Don't worry, my bow to head ratio is reasonable...I'm not one that sticks a sunflower on my infants head.)

Riley is a lil obessed with making things....any thing.

Sooo, when my obession and Riley's obsession combined THIS is what comes of it:

Yes, Riley saw me making some bows for Bia and asked ever so kindly (trying to contain excitement) "Mom, can I make Bia a bow too!!?" So she took the lovely materials I will never use (I'm such a nice mom giving Riley the "junk" I don't like)--and she created this masterpiece for B.
But from the looks on Miss B's face, she enjoys her bow quite a lot. Riley should make it a living. Who wants a Riley bow?

1 comment:

Dana said...

Mines not a sunflower - more like a gerbera daisy. So cute.

Riley can make me a bow any day.