Sunday, October 3, 2010

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun

Our Rooster turned 8 this year.
*silent pause...deep sigh....drop head and shake it in unbelief.*
When I was 8 I remember my mom and thinking she was super old. So I must seem super old to Riley. I can feel the wrinkles forming as we speak.
But enough about me and my deep dispair.
Because Riley turned 8 she got to have a super huge birthday party. (Eight is Great right?).
She invited 13 friends (all of which where girls besides 1 little boy...poor guy). Ri decided she wanted a Hawaiian luau. She had debated for weeks and weeks. She really wanted to have a cowgirl party--but after much deliberation she decided swimming sounded more fun than riding a horse.
We spent 3 hours swimming, eating pizza, opening presents, pounding on pinatas, and devouring delicious cupcakes.
My family was able to come down and join us for the fun festivities! Hooray for uber amounts of fun with lots of 8 year old girls, 1 8 year old boy, a grandma that acts like she's 8, an odd Zoie, an odder Landon, and a precious Riley.
Here's a picture overload. Enjoy:

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lissalynn said...

i am continuously amazed at how much riley roo looks like you did when i met you! shes gorgeous, you must be so proud. you sure are a great mom- even though you are so old!