Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Run, Run, as fast as you can

Yes--It was that time of year again. The time when I spend an insane amount of Ben Franklin's on candy that will inevitably be thrown into the trash. (We wont go into just how much I spend, my husband might be reading this....) However, it's an essential part of the year when we gather our friends and try to see who can make the best graham cracker house (We like to pretend they are made out of gingerbread....).  Unfortunately this year we had a bit of a challenge in that we didn't have any piping bags for the we were stuck using knifes (truly an amateur move on my part). 

The girls wanted to invite their best buds over and have a little holiday gift exchange as well--sweet little Preston even brought Baby Bia a present. Its always a thrill to see how excited the girls are and the creations they come up with. Berns and I both decided to take a step out and let them have a go at building their own....Zoie started and then just decided the candy was the most important part of the entire thing....take a look at the finished product.

The little houses weren't too stable due to the lame method of gluing I provided.....Maybe next time I'll remember the piping bags.....or rubber cement...that might keep things together a little better.

(excuse the nice yellow hue of all the pictures...I didn't feel like editing it'll live.)

Riley and Hailey diving in.....trouble makers I tell ya.

Preston working on his masterpiece. I think he made a ski jump or something resembling it at the end.

Bia was just content eating the crackers--it was best she was locked behind a tray.

Preston's masterpiece....Amazing.

Riley's masterpiece in the making

Viola! I would like to point out the adorable little street light. Go ahead--squint your eyes and take a moment to find it.

Hailey's masterpiece.

And then there is Zo's....I feel as though the child may grow up to be a hoarder.....

Taking a bird's eye view....At least there is SOME graham crackers in there.

Preston gave her a snuggly little bear. Her and Bia walked around all night like this.

True contortionist at heart.


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