Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Makin the List

Christmas season kick off with writing letters to Santa. Zo informed us that she is both Naughty AND nice....at least she should get some points for being honest.

Working hard scribbling

Ri informed me there wasn't enough room on the space provided to write a letter....so she had to unfold and flip over to squeeze everything in.

Concentrate...don't. forget. anything.

Bia...and me...pretending to write Bia's list...but more likely making one for myself.

Next day Riley making sure Santa got the letters.

WOOT WOOT!! Postal Elf delivers yet again. Took the letters and left candy canes as a symbol that he received them.

Bia got a candy cane despite her lack of effort writing the letter.

Christmas magic sparkly in little Zo's eyes. I love it.

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