Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Glitter and Gold-Christmas pt 1.

"Hello. My name is Shea; and I'm a Christmasaholic."

"Hi Shea"

"I have no intention of giving up my unruly behavior during the Christmas season of becoming too giddy, excited, and down right childlike. I will forever buy too many gifts, put up too many decorations, and plan too many Christmas activities. I will eat absurd amounts of Christmas frosted cookies and continue to watch for Santa on norad.com. I will forever make a Christmas list and hope that I have been nice. I will consistently seek out cute nativities that I want to display and blast Christmas music too loud starting in November.
I will spend too much money.
I will puff paint men's tube socks.
I will cry reading a story about a little Angel.
I will go "shopping" at malls only to hope and find a performing group singing in Santa hats.
And I will never stop because that's how I was raised. Thanks to my mother and my Grandfather I will never kick my addiction. So bring on more bells, carols, and hallelujahs. Read more stories about the birth of our Savior and play more games around the table. If you have kicked your habit I am sorry for you.
That is all."

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