Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gobble Goiter

1 of my favorite words is Gobble. Cuz it's super fun to say. And it's even funner to say if you say Goiter after it...10 times fast....Gobble Goiter, Gobble Goiter..... go ones watching.....

Things I am thankful for:
My husband
My children
My parents
My siblings

Everything else is the fluff stuffed into each one.

This year sister Damon called me 2 days before Thanksgiving and told me her and Mr. Schmelz were coming last minute for Thanksgiving!!!

This made my soul happy. You see, it's like a tradition to have her here. We decorate for Christmas immediatly following Thanksgiving ; and she is usually here (usually by coincidence).
The girls were also thrilled to hear they were coming. I think Riley has a crush on Uncle Jeff.....

We ate dinner at my Uncle Steve's house cuz all the cousins and big scmogisborg of people were there. (ok, not ALL the cousins, cuz that is about 8 million.). It was a mini family reunion.

The food was fantastic. The company was better. And I was all kinds of giddey cuz Thanksgiving officially marks the Holidays.

She found the chocolate. Gross.

Sister Damon and Me. Love.

Riley a little too thrilled to decorate some ornaments.

Caught in the act.

The hubs. He's so good.

Jeff and Damon. We love you guys!

Zo's turkey.

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SladeMomma said...

I just caught up on all your recent blog posts, cuz that is one of my resolutions for 2012. My fav pics are the parrot-birdy thing and the beautiful one of you and Damon. I love too.