Saturday, December 3, 2011

1st Day--Take Two

Riley originally started her 4th grade school year doing an online school called K12... Nevada isnt all that top notch when it comes to education...and Riley was out smarting the whole family, so we decided we would go this route. The curriculum was great and right up her alley. It was hard and challenging and she LOVED it.
It was super nice having so much flexibility, but after about 2 months of giving it a go I started to go, not quite "let's lock up the looney" crazy....but enough so that I had to get her back in a brick and morter school.
My 2 smallest nuggets I found were being ignored. I spent so much of the day just doing Riley's schooling that I found the 3 year old and the 1 year old off venturing into who-knows-what. I decided this had to stop.
EXCEPT, she couldnt go back to her former school--it was WAAAAAY too boring and unchallenging for her. AND I'm too mean of a mom to let her skip a grade.
And then, just like that---as though my little chubby fairy godmother (I assume she's chubby, because I'm pretty sure all fairy godmother's are chubby.) waved her wand of fairy dust and a tuition free charter school presented itself.
woot woot! So, Riley decked herself out in a uniform (and oh buddy, she was STOKED for uniforms...I kid you not. I've never seen someone get so excited to wear navy and white.) and headed to her new school.
The girl loves it. She comes home happy and cheerful and willing to help and play with her little sisters everyday. Just watching her wake up every morning actually excited for school makes the whole thing worth it.
Now, if I can just figure out a way for her to stop growing all of my problems will be solved....

Little sis zozo sending her "sissy" off to school....yup, she cried for about 10 minutes after she left. Zo loves her sissy.

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lissalynn said...

i fully support uniforms! isnt it great the way things work out like that!