Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Halloween wasn't THAT long ago... *insert shake-head-in-shear-disappointment here*...well, ok, However I'm still gonna write about it cuz that's what I do. Late Schmate.

Every year us Costa's start off the spooktacular festivities with a pumpkin carving party. Riley looks forward to the "Goblin Goo" (sprite with lime sherbet) the most. Zo just likes the fact that there is limitless amounts of goodies to devour. I love to throw get togethers and shindigs--so whatever the occasion is, I enjoy it.

Berns?! He just goes with the flow...He's a good one....

Bia? Who knows where she was all night. Most likely stealing peoples treats.

So proud of Ms Suz. She actually came with her game face on and carved a pumpkin this year...I lied...she carved one the first year we lived here too--but that's just cuz she wanted to impress us--huh Suz ;)

Never mind the fact that she conveniently "forgot" her pumpkin after working so hard to carve it....

Partners in crime.

Avery wins the prize. Apparently this pumpkin deserved what was coming for it. Poor fella.

Riley had the idea to "design" hers before she cut it out. I tried to explain to her that cutting out what she had drawn would be tedious, hard, and time consuming....she didn't seem to mind.

Claire. The little beauty of the evening. I love her. End of story.

Zo socializing with all her buds. I'm not sure she even knew there were Pumpkins there.

The besties.

Riley digging into brain surgery.

My girls are the best. Again, however, Bia was no where to be found. No fears, we did eventually locate her...just not in time for a picture.

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Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Well I figured since you HAVE to invite us since we live on your street, I should probably be a good sport this year. You're welcome for leaving you my pumpkin. It was no accident, I'm just that nice.