Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dashing Through the Snow

WHOA turbo. Let's back up 2 months for a minute. Remember that one time I posted about happenings in February but totally disregarded our amazingly fun sleigh ride from December?
ya, That was lame of me.
So step in my time machine--we are going back.

Groupon is a lovely little thing. (those of you that don't know what Groupon is--google it). While browsing the super deals it had going one day I came across a sleigh ride! You don't have to be a genius to figure out that it obviously wasn't being offered in Vegas. Those horses aren't too keen on pulling a sleigh through a dirt field. However, there is a little ski area about 45 minutes north of Vegas that gets (or makes) snow.  Since the girls don't get to experience the fun of putting on massive amounts of layers very often we decided to partake the in fun this little voucher had to offer.
ANND being that it was the month of December and I was in dire need of something fun to put on the advent calender--it worked out well.

There was probably as much snow on the ground as there is in Colorado in May--but the girls still thought it was lots of fun and enjoyed riding up front and helping to lead our Clydesdale's.

Good job Vegas for finding a way for everyone to enjoy dashing through the snow--in a one [two] horse open sleigh.
It made our Merry Christmas season that much more special. 

Well these two are adorable.

Helping to steer the sleigh. She was excited.

My cute little winter bug. She looks like she's ready to go carol.

It may look warm...but it was pretty nippy. This is the end when the girls were tired of having nippy noses.

Sun. Is. Bright.

On our way back to town (once we were far from the snow) we stopped to see some wild horses. This one has obviously gotten used to the people traffic that comes through there.

And then there is Zoie.....nuff said.