Thursday, October 25, 2012

Easter 2012 Part III

In all honesty there are 3 parts of the Easter posting because I take too many pictures :)
Part III takes place in our quaint little park by our house for an easter egg hunt! We invited our good buddies Susie, Niels and Little Claire  and of course Zo's best bud Preston and his family.
Of course I get sad if the kids are sad, so to avoid any hurt feelings we bought each kiddo their own color of egg to find. Berns thought it would be funny to hide Riley's a lot harder than normal since she is so old now. It took about 12 years for her to find all of her eggs....we all laughed the whole time. Poor Ri. 

First egg she found. She was quite proud!

Finding the easier ones. I'm not sure why is is dressed for a Hawaiian luau

I. love. this. kid.

Discovering all the surprises inside.

This describes them--Sweet smart Riley, Crazy quirky Zo, and Off in lala land Bia

My handsome husband and his girlies.

All the ladies.

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