Thursday, October 25, 2012

Easter 2012 part II

After spending the weekend BBQing and enjoying our extended family we spent Easter morning digging through plastic fake grass in our pjs at home.  Easter morning is ALMOST just as fun as Christmas morning (ALMOST...but not quite....) Watching the girls light up over the joy of their individual Easter baskets always gives me warm fuzzies. Even better is they all love their new Easter dresses they get to wear to church! (Maybe that means I don't buy them enough church dresses during the year....) 

The Easter bunny also conviently leaves candy that I really like behind...and of course I have to try it to make sure its not poisonous....

 The Easter goods before the girls woke up and rumaged around.

 Lil Beezer's Basket. The Monkey danced and sang songs. It was super.

Lil Zo's basket

Lil Roo's basket

A closer look at the loot

Little B has gotten to the age where she can enjoy stuff like this--it's so much fun--even with the sleepytime eyes.

A kid after my own heart---she loves Pez.

I'll eat her. Delicious.

Riley+books is like Chocolate+peanutbutter......they just go together.

Best. Happy. Face. Ever.

Crafts and puzzles!!

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